6 Handgun and Rifle Accessories to Consider

6 Firearm Accessories to Consider

While you might enjoy your gun as it stands in its stock form, attachments and accessories might help take it to the next level. Whether it’s a light for your Taurus 1911 or a magwell extension for your Glock, there are plenty of options to help make your gun more functional for your purposes. Here are a few accessories to consider while browsing your favorite online marketplace. 


Lights on a rife may be helpful at times, but if you just take your rifle to the range, it may not be a necessity for your purposes. While DPMS AR 15 may not need a light, your Taurus 1911 might. Adding a light to a handgun can help mitigate recoil and muzzle flip. It adds enough weight to the front of the gun to help you reacquire targets faster. Plus, it can be a necessary attachment for critical use firearms.


Unless you are wearing night vision goggles out in the field, you likely don’t need a laser mounted on your rifle. That being said, since handguns tend to be less accurate than rifles, especially at a longer distance, a laser can be helpful. For this reason, you might want a laser or laser-light combo on your CZ 75 SP 01. It can help aid target reacquisition and your overall accuracy at the range or in competition.  


There are a few reasons you might need a bipod. Bipods can be excellent for hunters as they might have limited options when steadying their shot in the field. If you’re in a long-distance shooting competition, you’ll need a quality bipod as well. While not as applicable to casual range shooting, a bipod is still a worthy accessory to consider. 

B.A.D. Lever

The Battery Assist Device (B.A.D.) lever can help your AR 15 or M4-style rifle run more smoothly. Usually, you have to either pull the charging handle or hit the “paddle” bolt catch. The B.A.D. lever makes it easier to release the bolt by using your right-hand trigger finger. This means reloading is much easier with the B.A.D. lever, and you can be a bit more efficient at the range. 

Magwell Extension

A magwell extension can help boost your reload speed on either a handgun or rifle. This accessory widens the magwell, making it easier to slot in a mag. When speed is of the essence, you can get the mag in quickly. This is most useful if you are in a competition where every second counts towards your score. It’s also handy and nice to have during casual range days. 


A suppressor on a handgun or rifle can be surprisingly useful. While hunting, it can help against scaring off wildlife for miles after a single shot. Suppressors can also help improve accuracy. They essentially act as an extension of the barrel, and the longer your barrel, the more accurate you can expect it to be. If you don’t have at least one suppressor in your collection, it’s worth considering.

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