Choosing the Best Budget Gun Safe for Your Needs

You have made the investment in your firearms so it only makes sense to protect that investment. In addition to that, it is the perfect way to prevent children who are too young to understand gun safety from gaining access to your firearms. The biggest threat we face as gun owners is from fire and secondly from theft. With those two points in mind, let’s look at things to consider when choosing a gun safe.

Best Budget Gun Safe

Fire Resistant
I say fire resistant because anything left to flame long enough will suffer serious damage. Polymer guns begin to melt at 480° F. It is because of this that you should choose a safe with a serious fire rating. Most will have them listed in the specs on the safe. Make sure that the testing is verified by a national source.  

Bolt it Down
Next up is the need to be able to bolt the safe to the ground. A dedicated thief can wheel your precious safe right out the door if the opportunity arises!

Lock It
You have several lock options for safes. Combination locks are classic and require no batteries. If you go this route you might have the combination secretly written down somewhere just in case. Electronic locks are an option as well as biometric or fingerprint devices. These both require power but allow you quicker access to the safe. Choose the lock that fits you best.

The last thing I would suggest you seriously consider is the size of the safe. I encourage you to buy “bigger than you need at the moment.” A common complaint after people get their safe installed is, “I wish I would have bought a bigger one.” Allow for more space than you think you’ll need. You know best what will work for your collection, but plan for growth.

Take time to shop around and choose a safe that fits your needs today and going forward!