The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your First Rifle

The Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your First Rifle Mossberg-MVP-LC-20'-BBL-Bolt-Action-Rifle-6.5-Creedmoor-FDE-W--NIKON-Scope
Mossberg MVP Bolt-Action Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor with NIKON Scope

Once you have made the decision to buy your first rifle, the harder work begins. Just what should you buy? Let’s take a look at a few things that can help you choose your new rifle. First up decide just what it will be used for.

Are you interested in long range precision shooting?  If so, consider a well-made bolt rifle. They have the capacity to be hyper-accurate and come in a variety of configurations. This category can be a little intimidating both in technical specifications as well as price. There seems to be more caliber options than stars in the sky and prices can reach amounts that can make your eyes water. With that in mind, let’s look at a couple guns to consider. First up is the Mossberg MVP Precision chambered in the venerable .308 WIN. This is an exceptional and accurate gun for those entering the long-range realm. Priced with an MSRP of around $1400.00 it is a lot of rifle for the money. If you have more exotic tastes, you might consider the FN Ballista. This rifle can be converted from .308 to .338 making it a flexible platform. It is a sub MOA shooter and has a price tag of $7499.00. As you can imagine, there is a world of rifles between these two, but it’s a place to start.

Perhaps you are looking for a home defense rifle. If that is the case, an AR15 can serve you well. Like the bolt guns, they come in a variety of configurations. While the firearms world is diverse in its’ offerings, the AR15 market is the king of that title. When choosing a rifle for home defense, it is my belief that a smaller gun simply makes it easier to move with it inside the home. My first suggestion is the Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW. This is a quality reliable gun chambered in 300 Blackout and is easy to run. It also is technically considered a “pistol” by ATF standards. This allows us to enjoy a shorter, more easily maneuvered gun for home defense. Another option would be the Springfield Saint Pistol. This is a 7.5 inch AR chambered in a more common .223 that would serve you very well.

Hunting wise, we have the luxury of using either a bolt gun or an AR15 style semi-automatic rifle. There are countless options when it comes to getting either gun set up as a hunting rifle and both can serve you well. It will really come down to personal preference and the game you will be hunting. Because it can be a difficult choice to make, I will offer a bolt gun as well as an AR style gun to consider. One of the best bolt guns on the market is the Mossberg Patriot Walnut. Chambered in a variety of calibers, it is quietly one of the most accurate rifles around. With a retail of just over $500 it is the deal of a lifetime. My AR choice is the Savage MSR 10 Hunter. Savage is well known for quality rifles and this is no exception. It is lightweight, accurate and reliable.

The last general category is the “all purpose” rifle. This is a gun that we can use for enjoyable range time, hunting and even home defense. While it is not dedicated to any of these specific categories, it can do pretty well in each. The gun that fits this is generally an AR15 style rifle. They are easily modified to fit your needs and can be set up almost as a custom gun for your needs. It is tough to choose just one, but when pressed, I like the Patriot Ordnance Factory Minuteman rifle. This gun is an exceptional performer and can serve you well in every role the AR is capable of.

Regardless of what you choose, take the time to educate yourself about what is available. Be patient and take time to buy the gun that best suits your needs.

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