5 Tips for Long-Distance Feral Hog Hunting

The Best Rifles and Strategies for Long-Distance Wild Pig Hunting

Feral hogs are a walking ecological disaster. They destroy ecosystems, tear up crops, and spread multiple dangerous diseases that can infect livestock. Every year they do billions of dollars worth of damage. Hunting them is both an exciting challenge and an environmental service. It helps that they are exceedingly tasty, too. However, long-range hog hunting often yields the best results. So, sight in your PTR 91, find some wild pigs, and go do Mother Nature a solid with these hog hunting tips.

Level-Up Your Long-Range Shooting

In addition to being smart and crafty, feral pigs have acute hearing and smell, and many have learned to be wary of hunters. That is why sharpening your long-range shooting skills can prove your best strategy for bagging swine. If you are already an ace long-distance sharpshooter, an ultra-flat shooting speed demon cartridge like 204 Ruger can be devastating if you can put it exactly where you want it.

Learn to Track and Stalk Them

Even when you are shooting at a great distance, learning to spot hog signs and track your quarry will pay off. That means learning to identify hog hoof prints and differentiate them from deer tracks, and spot signs of rooting. Sometimes, the carnage they cause to the landscape makes them easy to follow.

Consider Going Nocturnal

Wild pigs tend to be nocturnal; especially anywhere it gets hot during the day. By hunting at night, you will be ready for them when they come out to forage for food or hit the waterhole. Effective nocturnal hunting is best accomplished with a night-vision optics system. Setting up by a source of food or water with a scouting monocular and night-vision scope can pay big pig dividends.

Pick Up a Remington 700 Rifle

As crucial as having the right hog rifle is, you do not want to take any chances. Go with a long gun with an undeniably proven record of rock-solid performance in the field, combined with renowned long-range effectiveness. It is hard to do better than the legendary tack-driving workhorse, the Remington 700. Specifically, opt for the 20-inch heavy barrel and superior trigger assembly of the Remington 700 SPS Tactical. The classic 308 Winchester chambering will certainly get the job done. However, it is also worth considering the 300 Blackout chambering in one of the models with a threaded barrel for suppressed swine-sniping.

Remington 700 223 Remington 26” - Find more Remington 700 Rifles on GunBroker.com
Remington 700 223 Remington 26” – Find more Remington 700 Rifles on GunBroker.com

Go for a PTR 91 Rifle

If you are partial to rifles chambered in 308 Winchester, there is another effective option—the PTR 91. The PTR 91 is technically categorized as a battle rifle, being a clone of the famed H&K G3 rifle. However, it has been gaining ground as a hunting rifle for a number of reasons. For one, 308 Winchester remains among the most effective long-range cartridges available while packing a ballistic wallop. Plus, the PTR 91 successfully delivers the acclaimed reliability and accuracy of its H&K predecessor. All in all, it makes for one heck of a pig rifle.

PTR 91 GIR 308 18"- 10 Magazines- Surplus Wood Furniture/ Surplus OD Green. Find more PTR 91 on GunBroker.com
PTR 91 GIR 308 18″- 10 Magazines- Surplus Wood Furniture/ Surplus OD Green. Find more PTR 91 on GunBroker.com

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