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If you have been looking for deer rifles for hunting, try searching on With thousands of user-submitted sales and auctions, there is always something available. When hunting deer, you want a combination of power and accuracy, and lightweight is preferable if you are hiking out instead of using a treestand. When you need a deer rifle, here are some of the hunting rifles you might find for auction or sale at, and what makes them good deer rifles.

Remington 700 Sendero SF II

With a heavy 26-inch barrel, the Sendero aims to achieve one goal: getting as much velocity out of a flat-shooting cartridge as possible. This means long, accurate scopes. Be warned that with a scope, you are looking at a 10-pound-plus rifle, making it a heavy piece of kit for long hikes. It is offered in a variety of calibers.

Tikka T3x Hunter

Tikka designed the T3x Hunter for those who like an oiled walnut stock to go along with their performance. With its action designed for accuracy and cold hammer-forged barrel, Tikka provides a 100 yard MOA. What’s more, Tikka provides a variety of options and calibers to suit pretty much anyone’s needs. In fact, the company claims there are almost 300 variations from which to choose.

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Marlin 1895

For those areas that require a straight-wall cartridge, Marlin has introduced the 1895. Available in .45-70 Govt., the looks and feel of this lever-action rifle can be matched by few others. It comes with a Picatinny rail for optics, grey laminate stock and stainless-steel barrel. It’s not exactly the lightest rifle in the world, but it hold six round of deer crushing power. It also comes in a Trapper.

Ruger American

With its three-lug bolt, power bedding system and hammer-forged barrel, the Ruger American provides excellent accuracy, particularly for its price point. Even better, this bolt-action rifle comes in seven different models in around 12 calibers. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a bolt-action, the Ruger American probably has it, and all of them for less than $800.

Marlin 336

Whether it is in .30-30 or .35 Remington, the Marlin 336 is a lever-action rifle that strikes a balance between firepower, handling, balance and portability, all of which are important for the deer hunter hiking out into the woods. It is a classic that has helped many hunters bring a whitetail home. Most use it for more than just lever-action nostalgia’s sake.

Need a Deer Rifle marlin-336-lever-action-rifle

Need a Deer Rifle that’s Suppressor Ready? Try the Rock River Arms LAR-15M 300 AAC

An AR-style rifle chambered in 300 BLK, the Rock River Arms LAR-15M 300 AAC is begging for a suppressor. Keep ranges to around 100 yards and use 125- to 135-grain for proper ballistics. The suppressor with a .300 BLK means you are less likely to spook other deer, and the free-floating barrel will assist with accuracy. The Coyote Carbine model is light at 7.2 pounds, offers M-LOK rails and makes for great follow-up shots as a semi-automatic. 

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