The Guns You Want to Pack for Your Next Alaskan Hunting or Fishing Trip

4 Firearms to Pack for Hunting or Fishing in Alaska

Alaska is widely considered both the U.S.A.’s final wild frontier and a sportsperson’s paradise. With all due respect to Texans, Alaska seems to be the actual state where “Everything is bigger.” In addition to the size of the state itself, the trout, salmon, moose, and the bears all seem a little larger than life. This natural beauty offers an unrivaled outdoor experience, but it also makes packing the right collection of firearms essential for keeping yourself protected and making sure the trip goes well.

The Guns You Want to Pack for Your Next Alaskan Hunting or Fishing Trip -

Medium-to-Big Game Hunting Rifle

Not every gun you choose to bring to Alaska is necessarily all about personal protection. Your favorite medium-to-big game hunting rifle can do the trick for traditional medium and larger game animals in Alaska just like it does in the lower 48. For Sitka deer, imported island elk, moose, and so on, remember your 308, 243, 30 06, or30 30 ammo and rifle.

Large Caliber Grizzly-Stopping Rifle

For protection from the big Alaskan grizzly, you are going to want to pack something with a larger caliber. That may be a traditional grizzly-stopper like the 340 Weatherby Magnum or the legendary 375 H&H. There are also the more utilitarian big thumper cartridge options for the fans of the AR 15 platform. You may choose to saddle up with the 450 Bushmaster, the 458 SOCOM, or the eminently formidable 50 Beowulf. Packing one of those AR 15-style bear-stoppers is ideal for anyone more familiar and comfortable with that platform. This option also allows for more follow-ups than a bolt-action, which could be vital for a charging grizzly.

Shotgun for a Versatile Option

When it comes to hunting in Alaska, the big game tends to grab the spotlight. Massive moose, black and brown bears, plentiful deer, and big Dall Sheep are undeniably dramatic prey. However, a focus on big game can lead to less prodigious game species, like birds, going unappreciated. There are nearly two dozen species of duck and a variety of additional waterfowl for fowlers to stalk in The Last Frontier, which makes a compelling case for packing a shotgun. Plus, when loaded with hefty shot or slugs, your scattergun can double as effective grizzly insurance if you are doing your hunting or fishing in their territory.

Large Caliber Handgun for Portability

What about the lucky souls who find themselves behind a rod in a crystal-clear stream in Alaskan grizzly country? It is hardly practical to fight a trophy rainbow or king salmon with only one hand when you need a long gun in the other. Instead, pack a large caliber handgun, like the 454 Casull revolver. It is an excellent option for grizzly protection conveniently mounted on your hip. For those who do not want to take any chances, there is always the 460 S&W hand cannon. After all, everything is bigger in Alaska. 

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