Level Up Your Feral Pig Hunting Game with GunBroker.com

Everything you need for Feral Pig Hunting like Firearms, Ammo, and Gear can be found on GunBroker.com

There seem to be only upsides to hog hunting. After all, hunting is exciting and challenging, and feral pigs are a major problem. If feral hogs are invasive in your area, you might be heading out to do some hunting. When you need firearms, ammunition, or accessories, head to GunBroker.com. On this online marketplace, you can find users posting countless listings for firearms and accessories. From your next favorite 30 06 rifle to the ammo you need and all the accessories, here are the items you might find for sale from a private seller on GunBroker.com.

You’ll Need a Rifle for Feral Pig Hunting

30 06 Rifle

At over 116 years old and still going strong, the 30 06 Springfield is a true phenomenon as one of the country’s favorite hunting cartridges. The round offers impressive range, power, and performance, making it a staple even today. The great thing about the GunBroker.com marketplace is that you can look for everything from a pig-hunting 30 06 rifle to a venerated antique 1903 Springfield and even this year’s Browning BAR Mark III rifle. There are plenty of options on GunBroker.com.

DPMS 308

The 308 Winchester cartridge is right up there with the 30 06 Springfield among the most popular hunting rounds. Due to its popularity, the 308 Winchester is among the most versatile cartridges too. It is beloved by reloaders who can create loads for everything from varmints to elk and moose. Fans of the AR 10 rifle platform would be wise to check GunBroker.com for user sales and auctions of a DPMS 308 and ammo for hogs in the 150-grain range and upward.

Level Up Your Feral Pig Hunting Game at GunBroker.com | DPMS Model LR308 AR10 Rifle 308WIN LR 308 Carbine AR-10
DPMS Model LR308 AR10 Rifle 308WIN LR 308 Carbine AR-10 20RD AR w/ Sights, Item 942761084

Don’t Forget the Optics when Feral Pig Hunting

Quality Optics

Feral pigs have gotten around. You can find them everywhere from Florida swamps to the California coast. Thankfully, the variety of user sales and auctions for optics on GunBroker.com make hunting feral pig in virtually any terrain a far simpler prospect. For instance, when hunting in close, scrubby brush or swampland, it makes sense to go for something like a red dot sight. For stalking pigs across the flat, clear Texas plains, on the other hand, check GunBroker.com for user sales on Redfield scopes or other long-range optics options.

Burris Red-Dot-Sights
Burris Red Dot Sights

Redfield 3x-12x Sniper scope, Item 940351146

Remington 700 SPS Tactical

Remington’s 700 rifle line is considered by many to be the last word in a hunting rifle. However, the Remington 700 SPS Tactical has improved on the original design. It features a heavier barrel, Hogue pillar-bedded stock, and an improved trigger. The question for hog hunters logging on to GunBroker.com should be which Remington 700 SPS Tactical chambering to look for. Should you browse for 308 Winchester for pigs at a distance or 300 Blackout for stealthy, silenced pig hunting? Take a look at the listings and decide for yourself.

Remington-700-SPS-Tactical-Package-Timney-Trigger-Larue-Rail-Scope, Item 943507539

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