Explore the Unique Features of Laugo Alien Creator Evolution – New for 2024 [Video]

The New Laugo Alien Creator Evolution features a redesigned grip module to be configurable to the user’s hand

Dave with Laugo Arms USA discusses the unique features of Laugo Alien Creator Evolution and the history of Laugo Arms USA brand.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dave here with Laugo Arms USA, we’re a day 2 of Shot Show, we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff. Want to kind of introduce you guys to the Laugo Arms Alien platform. We’ll talk about some of the new things that we’ve got for this year. So, if you’re not familiar with the Alien, it is the lowest bore axis of any production semi-auto pistol on the market. That gives you a very flat recoil impulse that comes back straight into your arm, as opposed to over the top of your wrist, minimizing muzzle flip, giving you a very controllable flat-shooting, fast competition pistol. In addition to that low bore axis, one of the signature features of the Alien is the fact that you have a fixed top rail. So if you’re running it in the iron sight configuration, you never lose sight of your iron sight picture during firing. If you’re running it with an optic on it, same thing. You have a static site picture, so you’re never losing that sight picture in between your shots string. Originally, the standard Alien was set up with more of a Glock grip angle, so it was a little bit more of a swept back grip angle, new for this year, we’re introducing our Laugo Alien Creator Evolution line up.

So the Creator Evolutions stands that grip angle up a little bit to more of a 1911 grip angle. Really a personal preference thing. The original Laugo Alien is not being discontinued. We will be offering both lines. It just gives American shooters in particular some options depending on your body mechanics and what your natural point of aim is.

One of the other great features of the new Laugo Alien Creator Evolution model is the fact that we’ve completely redesigned the grip module to be very configurable for the user’s hand. With a single screw in the back of the magazine well, you can remove the mag well, and then the rest of the grip simply comes apart and can be reconfigured with different options. These options will be available on the website. We have different textures, colors, materials, and different sizes. So you can put in different palm swells and set it up for your hand.

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As we talk about the Creator Evolution model, there’s a couple of key configurations that we’re gonna want to touch on. So you can order it in our standard configuration with the iron sights, that’s going to come with the iron sight top rail and two magazines. Going up from there, you can also get it configured with an optic on that fixed top rail, or if you’re a dedicated competition shooter, our new limited optics model is going to be specifically for you.

This was designed with a competition shooter in mind and really set up and just take control of the limited optics division. It’s gonna come equipped wit a completely adjustable thumb rest, it actually moves the optic from the static top rail onto the reciprocating part of the slide, which is what makes it legal for production optics, carry optics, and now limited optics.

In addition, you’re going to get the oversized XL competition Magwell, so you’ve got a nice, big funnel in there for speedy reloads, and then the big kind of coup de grace on the limited optics model is our new 22-round magazine. Historically speaking in the competition space, our 17-round magazine was a little bit of a limiting factor, so now, new for this year, our 22-round magazine changes all of that. It was designed from the ground-up to be a dedicated 22-round 140 mm magazine.

The take-down on it is completely toolless, so you can pop the bottom off very quickly and simply, for servicing, cleaning, maintenance, whatever you might need, it’s a perfect fit across the entire Creator lineup, and this will run in your original Alien as well as long as you don’t have the other Magwell installed on it. So this new magazine really kind opens up the whole platform for us in the competition space. So we hope you’ll check us out.

If you’re looking for more information on these pistols, you can visit LaugoArmsUSA.com. If you’re looking to pick one up immediately, search for our products on GunBroker.com. Thanks for stopping by.

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