007’s Pistol’s Past & Dirty Harry’s Dirty Little Secrets | No Lowballers Podcast Episode 9

In this week’s No Lowballers Podcast by GoWild presented by GunBroker.com, we’re talking all about real pop culture firearms such as the Walther PPK and the Smith & Wesson Model 29.

We start the episode off diving into the history of the Walther PPK and how it made its way into the James Bond films. Logan delves into the history of the PPK and how it’s dated back to the early 1930s before being used by Germans in WWII, some of these early models had a requirement for the magazine to be serialized and match the gun’s serial number. Logan has a magazine that is serialized and is always looking to be able to pair that magazine to its original gun. We talk on how we got introduced to the Walther PPK through Bond, while iconic to the movies almost all of us have stronger memories of using it playing 007 Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. How were you introduced to the Walther PPK?

Next up, maybe one of, if not if THE most iconic movie guns…Dirty Harry’s Smith & Wesson Model 29. Smith & Wesson were in a bad spot with the Model 29, almost completely scraping it from their lineup until the success of Dirty Harry pushed it to the forefront of the spotlight, causing national backorder for many years. Brad asked about the value of firearm memorabilia from movies comparing both real firearms and prop guns. While credible proof of them being used in a movie carries value, the real firearms generally carry a much heftier price tag. Logan tells his story of how he’s tied to Dirty Harry’s Model 29, and you guys will absolutely not believe it, make sure you listen in to hear his cool story.

We end the episode with Dan talking about the two most iconic movies from his childhood. He starts a conversation about how the impractically of a gun in a movie makes it more memorable to people who watch. Logan retouches on a previous episode about the takedown lever action rifle from John Wick 4, Mad Pig Customs reached out and set the record straight on if it’s a real gun or a fantasy gun. Make sure to listen through the end of the podcast to see the answer on this awesome gun. The show launches every Thursday morning. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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