Upgrade Your AR with These 3 Add-Ons and Accessories


3 Upgrades and Add-Ons All AR Owners Should Consider 

So, you are eyeing an AR 15 for sale or already own one and want to see what else you can do to make it truly yours. One of the beautiful things about the AR platform is its customizability. You will often find that an AR is almost an extension of its owner, with various add-ons or changes that make the gun the perfect match to you. If you want to take your AR to the next level, here are a few of the most popular mods and accessories to try.

Find a Grip That Fits You

In a perfect world, your gun will fit your hand like a glove. While many people might find the stock grips on their AR to be more than good enough, some might want grips a little bigger or smaller. Luckily, it is fairly easy to swap out the grips on most AR rifles. There are tons of options available, with some grips having a rougher texture and others offering a smoother, more ergonomic experience. Everyone will be different, so if you have the option, try a few out before committing to one on your rifle.

AR15-Grip-Magpul-MOE-Black, Item 953664271

Swap Triggers 

Another common upgrade for AR owners is changing the trigger. Keep in mind that it might be best to stick with the stock trigger if your AR is deemed critical use. However, if you take your AR plinking or just generally want a more customized shooting experience, changing your trigger is a great place to start. Again, everyone is different, with some preferring a stronger trigger that requires considerable weight to pull, and others wanting something smoother. The choice is yours, so ask yourself what you want out of your trigger experience and find an aftermarket trigger that suits your needs.

2 Stage Trigger, Fits AR Rifles, Silver, Item 954693900
2 Stage Trigger, Fits AR Rifles, Silver, Item 954693900

Try a Different Stock

The stock of your AR 12 can affect not only the shooting experience but also the look of your gun too. Ideally, your stock will be made from durable, high-quality materials to effectively absorb recoil while remaining lightweight. Also, it is important to consider the purpose of your AR. For example, if you are shooting competitively or for fun, you might want an adjustable stock so you can dial in the perfect position for the given shot. If your AR is for critical use, a dependable stock is crucial.

Hogue AR15 collapsible stock
Hogue AR15 collapsible stock, Item 950492598

These are just a few of the many upgrades, add-ons, and accessories you can buy for your AR. Head to a trusted site like GunBroker.com, for example, and browse thousands of listings. In an afternoon, you could totally change the look and feel of your rifle and make it something truly unique to you.

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