Explore the Features of Rise Armament Reliant R700 Trigger and Its Two Variations – New for 2024 [Video]

Calvin with Rise Armament discusses the features of Rise Armament Reliant R700 Trigger – New for 2024!

Video Transcript

Hey guys, my name is Calvin Ross, I’m from Rise Armament, and today we’re going to talk about the features of Rise Armament Reliant R700 Triggers, clone action triggers that come in two variations. Right here, we’ve got the Reliant R700 Hunter version. It’s adjustable poundage from three to five. A cool thing about this trigger is the pull weight is adjustable from the outside of the trigger on the bottom while the trigger’s installed in your rifle. So once you install it and put the gun back together, you can adjust it on the bottom from the outside.

The other one that I have here is our Reliant R700 Pro version, little bit more of an advanced model. It’s an adjustable pull weight from just under a pound up to three pounds. This Pro version also has an overtravel adjustment on the outside right by where you can adjust the pull weight. Another cool thing about these triggers is we really wanted to create a truly safe R700 trigger. We found a lot of people, that was their number one concern when they’re upgrading their trigger and their bolt gun, and we feel that we’ve created a really, really safe product with this. We broke a lot of stocks in R&D when we were testing this trying to get it to fail, and we never really saw a failure. So, really safe, really high-performing trigger, really crisp break, little-to-no creep at all on these triggers, just an excellent upgrade to your hunting rifle, PRS rifle, really whatever you’re using those bolt guns for, these are great. Another cool thing about the Reliant triggers is they’re incredibly easy to install, especially for an R 700 trigger. It’s all self-contained in these housings here.

So once you’ve taken out your old trigger, simply place this trigger in there, put your pins back in, torque that stock back on, and you’re ready to go. For more information on all of our products, all of our triggers, any Rise products, head to RiseArmament.com, or you can head to GunBroker. Throw Rise Armament the search bar to find us there.

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