Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Best AR 15 Models For Gift Giving

6 AR 15 Models to Gift This Holiday Season

With the holiday season nearly here, you might be thinking of getting the gun enthusiast in your life a new AR. When you are browsing online for an AR 15 for sale, be sure to look for these models recommended by staff. These options cover a variety of budgets, and each offers something unique that your recipient is sure to love. And on the rare chance that they don’t, you can just add it to your collection.’s List of Best AR 15 Models Worthy of a Big Red Bow

Knights Armament SR 15 LPR Mod 2

Whether your gift recipient wants to hunt, shoot targets, or win a competition, a Knights Armament SR 15 LPR Mod 2 might be what they need. Based on the Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle used by the various U.S. Special Forces, this “light precision rifle” is high-quality and ready to go right out of the box. The barrel is 18 inches of stainless steel with a 1:7 twist and a custom 556 match chamber. 

Knights Armament KAC SR15 LPR Mod 2, GunBroker Item 945713176

Daniel Defense DDM4

Another high-end manufacturer is Daniel Defense. The Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 16-inch offers a free-floating handguard for maximum accuracy and a softer-shooting mid-length gas system. It’s incredibly reliable, offers 1 MOA accuracy with good ammo, boasts ambi features, and is basically everything your gift receiver could want in a top-of-the-line rifle. Some shooters may prefer to upgrade the trigger, but that’s an easy mod that can take the rifle to the next level.

DANIEL-DEFENSE DDM4 V7 5.56, GunBroker item 941819750
DANIEL-DEFENSE DDM4 V7 5.56, GunBroker item 941819750


The best-selling DPMS AR 15 is the Oracle, a high-quality yet budget-friendly rifle. It offers a 1:9 twist, perfect for lighter loads such as 55-grain. It’s also ideal for the tinkerer who enjoys upgrading with aftermarket parts. That being said, it’s a phenomenal rifle out of the box too. 

Best AR 15 Models DPMS Oracle 5.56 Cal. AR-15 Semi-Auto Rifle 16" 30RD Mag, GunBroker Item 948891284
DPMS Oracle 5.56 Cal. AR-15 Semi-Auto Rifle 16″ 30RD Mag, GunBroker Item 948891284

Aero Precision AC15

If you have ever built an AR, you are likely familiar with Aero Precision. Aero makes everything in-house, from full rifles to stripped uppers and lowers. The AC15 is Aero’s mid-length offering, with a 16-inch barrel and mid-length gas system. It can fulfill many roles, meaning it’s hard to go wrong with the AC15. Accuracy and ergonomics are excellent, while the AC15 has a record of being reliable. If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, this might be it.

Taran Tactical M4E1

When you want to feel like John Wick, use the TT M4E1. Keanu Reeves trained with Taran Tactical, after all. The M4E1 starts with Aero parts, like the rifle above, but adds in a new grip, light trigger, an upgraded buffer spring, a Taran Tactical Innovations stock, and other parts sourced from Bravo Company Manufacturing, another major manufacturer. The upper is also an Aero receiver, with a TTI Radian Raptor charging handle, low-mass bolt carrier group, a TTI compensator, and BCM barrel, handguard, gas block, and tube. It’s expensive, but if you’re looking for the ultimate AR 15 to gift someone, this sure is it, even though it’s not signed by John Wick himself.

We Wrap up our 6 Best AR 15 Models to Gift this Holiday Season with the world-renowned BCM

Bravo Company Recce 16

Speaking of BCM, their own Recce 16 makes the list. For nearly the same quality as Daniel Defense but somewhat cheaper, it’s the “budget” version of top-tier ARs. BCM has a sterling reputation, with fit, finish, and parts that are of excellent quality. The rifle is reliable, ergonomic, and is the workhorse many target shooters trust when they go with top-tier ARs. It offers a 16-inch barrel with a 1:7 twist with an MLOK handguard. 

BCM Bravo Company RECCE 16 KMR A Bronze 5.56 NATO Barrel, Item 948533669

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