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Since being acquired by Armscor in 1985, Rock Island Armory has been a consistent source of innovation in the firearms industry. What Rock River Arms has done for black rifles with their LAR series, they have also done for the 1911 platform. However, that innovation goes beyond the storied 1911. Their contributions have made Rock Island Armory understandably popular among the users of The next time you are browsing the online marketplace, look for some of the following Rock Island Armory models.

Look for the Rock Island VR80

There may be no higher praise for Rock Island Armory’s VR80 than pointing out that it is as functionally awesome as it looks. The Rock Island VR80 feels like it has taken the AR 12 platform to a new level. It combines the comfortable familiarity of the AR-style rifle with the intuitive functionality of a shotgun. It is no small wonder that the Rock Island VR80 is so popular among users of

Lipsey Exclusive Rock Island VR80 12 20 STORMTROOPER WHITE AR 12, GunBroker Item 953686476

Look for a Rock Island Armory Handgun Chambered in 22 TCM

When you think of power and velocity in a handgun, something like a powerhouse Ruger 357 revolver likely comes to mind. While there is no denying the effectiveness of a handgun that iconic, it would be a mistake to overlook Rock Island Armory’s proprietary 22 TCM cartridge.

200-Armscor-22-TCM-40-grain-JHP_954079421 GunBroker
200 Armscor 22 TCM 40 grain JHP, Item 954079421 on

The meteoric bottleneck 22 TCM has gained traction among users of the marketplace for several reasons. Namely, 22 TCM produces a blazing handgun velocity of 2000 feet per second (FPS) with surprisingly minimal recoil. Plus, it runs like a dream from a compatible 1911.

Look for a Rock Island Armory M22 TCM Tactical

If Rock Island is able to achieve a velocity of greater than 2000 FPS from the four-inch barrel of a handgun, imagine the velocity they can produce with a rifle. The bottleneck speed-demon 22 TCM makes for an impressively fast, flat, and far shooter. Browse for examples of this light, powerful, and distinctive tack driver.

Early Rock Island Armory M22 TCM, Item 954027062 GunBroker
Early Rock Island Armory M22 TCM, Item 954027062

Look for a Rock Island Armory M1911 GI Standard

Rock Island Armory really made its name by providing gun enthusiasts with high-quality options, even if they are not in a position to drop four figures on a 1911 pistol. Most representative of that dynamic is the Rock Island Armory M1911 GI Standard. It is a wholly representative example of the 1911—tough, no-frills, and entirely reliable. Check for a Rock Island Armory 1911 chambered in the traditional 45 ACP, 22 TCM, and 22 WMR. Whichever you choose, you cannot go wrong.

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