New Handgun: Anderson Kiger 9c, Their First-Ever Pistol

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Anderson Manufacturing Introduces their First Handgun – Kiger 9c

New Gun: Anderson Kiger 9C, Their First-Ever Handgun
Kiger 9c – Anderson Manufacturing’s Newly Released Handgun

New product development and design are ongoing processes with firearms manufacturers. While this is not a new concept in the business world, it seems to be more prevalent in the firearm industry. Shooting enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the newest products and companies that sit on their laurels are destined for extinction. Because of this ongoing demand, most shooting sports companies stick to their bread-and-butter products. The items that have given them the most reliable success. Rare is the day that a company really changes gear, but that is exactly what Anderson Manufacturing has done. Known worldwide for their AR15 parts, kits, and rifles, Anderson has quietly become one of the biggest manufacturers in the AR market. Their reach is much greater than the general public realizes as they dedicate a large part of their production capacity to making OEM parts for most other rifle companies in the U.S. This large presence in the AR market makes their new product even more interesting. After thousands of design hours and strategy meetings, Anderson is launching their first handgun; the Anderson Kiger 9c.

Details on the New Kiger 9C Pistol

The Kiger 9C is a striker-fired, locked-breech short-recoil operated semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm. It is a compact pistol with a four-inch barrel and an overall length of 6.85 inches. It is just a touch over an inch wide and comes in at under 21 ounces. The gun is designed as a fighter and has a 15-round capacity.

Anderson Kiger 9C components
Anderson Kiger 9c components

Grip & Texturing

Anderson has gone to great lengths to create a gun that not only looks good but is designed for serious use. With that in mind, they have included great texturing at several key locations. The side of the grip has excellent texturing as well as the area surrounding the slide lock and in front of the take-down lever. This is a tip of the hat to serious shooters as these surfaces are constant points of contact. This additional texturing gives shooters even more control over their gun, especially when their hands are wet. The trigger guard has a deep undercut at the rear to allow shooters to get a higher grip on the gun. Anderson has also designed an extended beavertail to once again, allow us to get a high grip without suffering slide bite. Finishing it out, Anderson has included a four-slot rail under the barrel for a flashlight or laser device.  The frame is glass-reinforced nylon supporting the aluminum slide.

Kiger 9C - Anderson's First-Ever Handgun
Kiger 9c – Anderson’s First-Ever Handgun was fortunate to get an early look at the Kiger 9C during a visit to Anderson Manufacturing in Hebron, Kentucky. requested that I attend on their behalf to cover the unveiling of this new product and tour the Anderson facility. Anderson certainly does have a well-thought-out manufacturing process. The facility was spotless, and state-of-the-art equipment sat wall to wall.


  • FIREARM SKU: B2-N890-A000 FIREARM UPC: 676351707204
  • SPARE MAG SKU: B2-N103-A002 SPARE MAG UPC: 840815101369
  • MAGS: 1 MAGPUL GL9 15 RND SKU: B2-N103-A002
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 1.26”
  • HEIGHT: 5.175”

Range Time with the Kiger 9c

Anderson has released a new firearm called a Kiger 9c. We had the opportunity to meet management including their product development team. After a lengthy question and answer session, we took the Kiger 9C to the range. The team at Anderson was very confident in the pistol and opened cases of ammo for us while simply saying, ”have at it.” The gun performed very well. It was very accurate and easy to run. The trigger was impressive. It is a traditional striker fire-style trigger and it’s much smoother than other guns in this category. The gun comes with a 15-round Magpul 15GL9 mag that fed flawlessly. On that note, the team at Anderson advised that the Kiger is compatible with most Glock Gen 3 components and aftermarket parts.

Author, Fred Mastison, Takes the Kiger 9C pistol to the range for testing
Author, Fred Mastison, Takes the Kiger 9C pistol to the range for testing

Anderson provided a pistol for additional testing. Performance-wise, the gun ran flawlessly. It was fed Hornady Critical Defense ammo along with a cycle of Winchester white box and some HP ammo. It’s been my mantra that you need to be able to masterfully manipulate and feed your gun. You can be the best shooter in the world, but if you run dry and your manipulations are not solid, you are nothing more than a bullet sponge.  The slide cuts allowed for a great grip and ability to manipulate the gun. Loading and press checks were a breeze. The Kiger 9c trigger really shined when speed and accuracy had to come together. While difficult to describe the feel of the new trigger, the word smooth seems to fit the bill. The official listing on the Kiger 9c trigger is just above five pounds, but the pistol was measured out of the box, and it broke closer to six pounds. In time it may decrease as normal wear takes its toll. The gun ran fast primarily because of the trigger and my ability to get a nice high grip on the gun. Like its other brethren, the Kiger 9c fits most existing G19 holsters. If the rig is super fit, however, you may experience some grab. Gen 3 mags will fit this new blaster and overall, I felt the gun ran very well.

Author, Fred Mastison, on the range testing the Anderson Kiger 9C handgun, newly released
Author, Fred Mastison, on the range testing the Anderson Kiger 9c handgun, newly released

Any handgun enthusiast can appreciate what Anderson has accomplished with this gun. The accuracy, reliability, and undeniable good looks of the Kiger 9C are the makings of a perfect storm. The Kiger 9C is a serious pistol and is designed well. Anderson plans on releasing the Kiger 9c at an MSRP of only $429.00. In my experience, that is a lot of gun for the money. If you get a chance to try the Kiger9C out, don’t pass it up.

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