How to Choose Your First Handgun in 3 Simple Steps

Choosing a handgun may seem a simple task on the surface. In many cases it starts as not much more than a beauty contest with a person being drawn to a “good looking” gun. While this is indeed a factor you should consider, we must remember that even with guns, beauty is only skin deep or high-tech environment resistant finish deep. There are a few key points I would suggest you consider when buying a handgun.


The handgun market is flush with options of every size. From micro pocket pistols to Dirty Harry hand cannons. What is important is that you find a gun that fits you well. Make sure it feels good in your hands and that you can easily operate it. Smaller is not always better. While small guns are easy to conceal, they can provide significant recoil and be difficult to control when shot. Take your time and find the gun that fits not only your hands, but your needs as well.


You get what you pay for is a cliché that exists for a reason. While the ABC gun company may have a bargain 9mm blaster, there is generally a reason it is $199.00. I am not saying you need to go to the other end of the spectrum but understand that a good gun is going to cost you. A full-size gun for the most part will hover in the $500 range, plus or minus depending on sales etc.


One thing that I find on many guns is that I want to change this or that about it. Things such as night sights are a great add on and having a holster is a must. Make sure that the blaster you choose has these items available in the aftermarket world. There is no need to just settle for stock sights and having accessory options is always a plus.


It would be almost irresponsible to give you this information and not at least offer a few suggestions. While it can be argued that there are dozens of handgun styles to choose from, I will throw out four that cover the bases pretty well. In the strikerfire area I suggest the Glock 17 Gen 5. This 9mm handgun has earned a reputation worldwide for durability and reliability. A majority of law enforcement agencies around the country carry them and for a reason. The second category are revolvers. I am a fan of the Kimber K6 DASA. This is a .357 3-inch barrel six shooter that has carved a name for itself very quickly. The fact that you can also shoot .38 Special from it makes it easier to train with. The additional size of the gun over micro lightweight revolvers makes it much easier to handle and manage recoil.  Our third category is Single Action/Double Action guns. These are guns that have two distinct trigger pulls. One to initially run the hammer back and the following trigger pull simply releases the hammer. They can be challenging to master for new shooters but are still good guns. The gun I recommend in this category is the Sig P220 Legion. This is one of the best in the category and has features which make it comfortable to shoot as well as hyper accurate.  The last category I will touch on is 1911s. This classic handgun has been around since, well, 1911. They are some of the most accurate and comfortable to run guns in the handgun realm. Quality of the gun is paramount as low quality or bargain basement 1911s can have function issues. In my opinion, the best of the best is the Nighthawk Firehawk. It is a classic 1911 but chambered in 9mm making it almost silly fun to run. Minimal recoil paired with an exceptional trigger will allow you to really enjoy accurate shooting.

Take your time in choosing a handgun and it will serve you well for years and years.

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