5 Car Safes for Handguns & Other Valuables

By Paul Rackley, GunBroker.com Editor

Some people always carry a gun. It doesn’t matter that the chance of anything happening is very slim; it’s the simple idea that they would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. If it is legal to carry, these people will have a gun hidden on their person. Unfortunately, there are places where almost no one can carry a self-defense handgun because of federal, state or local law. In these situations, these folks need a truly viable option for securing concealed-carry guns in cars. Here are a few options of car safes to consider that go way beyond dropping a gun up in the glove box or center console, or shoving it under seat.

Car Safes for Handguns

The Headrest Safe

Designed to hide in plain sight, the Headrest Safe® replaces the headrest in cars and trucks. The two-prong post pattern fits most vehicles, providing a secure location for guns and other valuables. The company constructed the safe of 18-gauge steel with a 16-gauge steel door to prevent unauthorized access. It is also surrounded with half-inch foam on the interior and exterior to protect items. It opens quickly via biometrics, keypad and key lock, providing access in a variety of ways. The Headrest Safe comes in black, tan, light gray, dark gray and charcoal to match a variety of interiors. Also, a matching headrest can be purchased to ensure no one notices the difference.  

Watch Video to see the Headrest Safe® in action!

headrest safe - mobile gun storage solution

Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe

Featuring a patent-pending inflatable mounting system, the Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe fits virtually every gun owners’ car with bucket seats and a center console. Hornady constructs the unit of 14-gauge steel with two internal locks and a cable for attaching it to the seat base. The RAPiD safe is powered with either 4 AAA batteries or a 12-volt adapter. Access is granted via RFID chips or one of two barrel-keys. In fact, Hornady includes a RFID wristband, two RFID stickers and a RFID key fob, offering numerous to get to a gun.

Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe

SnapSafe Lock Box

Built of 16-gauge steel, the SnapSafe Lock Box is light, tough and easy to use, as well as tamper resistant. In fact, it meets the TSA guidelines for airline travel. Its included steel cable is rated to 1,500 pounds for securing the box in a variety of locations, including vehicles. It features foam padding to protect contents and comes standard with two keys. It is also available with a combination lock, in three different sizes.

SnapSafe Lock Box

Console Vault

While it seems as if the Console Vault would limit storage, its two-piece design actually provides plenty of room for wallets, electronics and, of course, a gun or two. The Console Vault secures via a vehicle’s original console bolts. This allows the top to close, keeping the unit from being seen. Its 12-gauge steel body and Triple-Guard Lock System prevent unwanted access, while four lock choices allow users to quickly get into it when needed. Unfortunately, the Console Vault is that it is not available for all makes and models

Console Vault

Stopbox Strike

Those who drive full-size trucks and SUVS can consider the Stopbox Strike to provide security with access. The Strike fits between a vehicle’s seat and center console, attaching to the driver’s seat via a security cable; users must supply their own padlock. The unit secures a single full-size or compact pistol, all while providing fast access via a spring retention system activated by a leg release. It comes with a key to prevent unwanted access.


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