6 Tips for Improving Accuracy with a Handgun

Accuracy with a handgun can feel like a completely different ballgame than accuracy with a rifle. There are some fundamental similarities, but the differences will also take some getting used to. Thankfully, there are some strategies you can use to make the transition easier. If you are looking to improve your accuracy while using a handgun, grab your Glock 35 and keep these six tips in mind.


Improving Accuracy With a Handgun

Choose the Stance That Is Right for You

If you are struggling with handgun accuracy, you might be using the wrong stance. The Isosceles stance used to be the go-to stance for handguns, but it can present problems with forward and backward stability. The Weaver stance has its own issues with lateral stability but, overall, makes it easier to switch positions and is better for a push-pull grip. Some say it is more difficult to rotate and could present problems when changing targets. The Chapman stance is a modified version of the Weaver, and it is best for cross-eye-dominant shooters, whose dominant eye is opposite of their dominant hand.

Get a High Grip

Next, you will want to get a high grip. The webbing between your trigger finger and thumb should be as high as possible. There is a reason many Glocks have an aftermarket cut into the trigger guard—it allows for a higher grip. If you are using a handgun such as a Taurus 1911, you might want to rest your thumb on the safety. For a Glock or similar handgun, try stacking your thumbs, pointing forward. Always keep the firearm in line with your forearm to manage recoil.

Focus on the Front Sight

When looking down the sights of your Kahr PM9, you want to focus on the front sight. Many people close one eye, but it can actually be more effective to keep them both open to combat eye strain. It can take a bit of practice to get used to, but it can also help improve your aim. Remember that if your handgun has dots, the gun likely shoots slightly above the dots, closer to the top of the post. This is why it is vital to line up the top of the front post with the rear sights.

Squeeze the Trigger and Practice Dry-Firing

Squeeze the trigger instead of pulling the trigger. Instead of jerking the trigger back, anticipating recoil, and throwing off your shot, you should ease the trigger back with a calm squeeze. Dry-firing is a good technique for practicing since there is no loud sound, allowing you to comfortably build muscle memory. Soon, you will stop anticipating and squeeze the trigger without second-guessing yourself.

Proper Finger Length

In recent years, the idea that using the very middle of the pad of your finger is the only way to squeeze the trigger has evolved. Now, anywhere from the pad to the crease of your first knuckle has gained popularity, with many gun enthusiasts falling somewhere in between. Simply find what is comfortable for you and remain consistent.

Keep Breathing: If you want to improve accuracy with a handgun you gotta keep breathing!

It can be tempting to hold your breath in an attempt to steady your aim, but this can affect your heart rate and your accuracy. While this may seem like something that only affects snipers, it can affect your handgun aim, too. Instead, keep your breath calm and steady. Plus, you will be able to relax enough to take an accurate shot.

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Improving Accuracy with a Handgun

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