Savage 110 PCS Bolt Action Handgun and 110 Carbon Predator [Video]

Brett Gilan with talking with Brett McKenna at Savage Arms, introducing a couple of new offerings they have. First is the Savage 110 Carbon Predator, one of the new additions to the savage lineup in our 110 series features our full Accufit with AccuStock featuring the aluminum bedding system this one comes in shorter carbon fiber barrels we kept it into more of the predator varmint calibers going from six ARC, 223,22-250, 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor this one’s going to be an 18” barrel, we stuck to those shorter barrels, more as a suppressor friendly setup. The Savage 110 Carbon Predator comes with the AICS detachable box magazine, and we will ship with a 5 round from the factory, it also features our fluted bolt handle, to keep a little bit of weight down, and a new granite texturing on the stock. The 110 Carbon Predator will ship with the adjustable length-of-pull and comb height to fit it to you. The target audience for the Savage 110 Carbon Predator are predator hunters, or anyone who’s looking for either a suppressor ready set up or just something nice, light, and short, to keep in the woods and to take out into the field. 

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Next up we have 110 PCS, it stands for pistol chassis system, another line up into the 110 series, they’re all going to be 10 .5” inch barrels to be 223,  300 blackout, 350 legend, 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, this covers you for something suppressed in the 300 blackout or if you want to go do some pistol hunting, depending on your state laws, it will get you in to pistol season and it is really just something different. One of the unique features about the Savage 110 PCS, is it has a left-hand bolt so you’re able to keep your right hand on the pistol grip and on the trigger while working the bolt with the left hand, it makes it very nice to use especially off of bags or off a bipod.

New for 2023: The Savage 110 PCS Bolt Action Handgun and Savage 110 Carbon Predator Rifle

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