Explore the Features of PWS UXR Rifle – New from Primary Weapons System [Video]

Primary Weapons Systems discusses the features of PWS UXR Rifle. This modular system is capable of firing from .308 to 556 and everything in between! – New for 2024

Video Transcript

Hi, My name is Ian Sandercock and I’m the Program Manager for Primary Weapons Systems. Lets talk about the features of PWS UXR Rifle, newly introduced for SHOT Show, and will be released later this year. Some people have probably seen it. This is our modular system capable of firing from .308 to 556 and everything in between. We are launching with the .308 16-inch, a 556 16-inch, and a 14-and-a-half-inch 300 Blackout.

The thing that makes this so unique and kind of new to the market is its modularity. It does have full ambi-controls, bolt-release, mag-release, safeties on both sides, pretty standard. Our charging handle is an Ambi. It can swap to either side with a pin or a case head, flat head screwdriver, you pop out switch over. We do have a folding stock, it is also ambi, there two screws here. We pulled those out, flip it to the other side, it’ll then fold. We do also fold it a 5-degree angle, so the ejection port, you can fire while closed. I’ll go ahead and run through kind of what a breakdown is, or a conversion kit real quick, to kind of show this rifle is currently in 5.56. So we’ll use a 5/32nd torque wrench. This is an 80-inch Brown torque wrench. You go about a turn-and-a-half to two turns, barrel slides out, we have one pin up here, push that through, and our bolt slides out. And we now have what our team likes to call a caliber- agnostic chassis. This is truly multi-caliber. It’s not any caliber right now until we decide what we want to put in it. So swapping this out, if I want to go from that 556 to now a .308 magazine we use our dot matrix that we have with one dot here. It’s also on the bolt and then we do a .308 barrel.

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We do have a card that comes with that the help with making sure you have the right parts so you’re not do any damage to the gun. So .308 barrel matches. Barrel’s now seated, I would then torque these down to 80-inch pounds. Use the sequence. The biggest thing you want to do is make sure that with this sequence, in order to return to 0, use the same sequence all the way down the 80-inch pounds. Change our bolt head out. This is 556. We have a pin right here, we pop that through, pull this out, drop our firing pin, drop our cam pin, pull our bolt out, swap our bolt, keep your face away from this, now it’s .308. It’s made for really everybody’s today market.

We also had military contracts in mind. One of the inventiveness for this rifle was, some of the conflict we’ve seen throughout the world with squads using different rifles, different ammunition, different manual arms, so really trying to take something that you can train somebody on, use different ammos, what you have available, wherever you’re at, and use the same manual arms, your favorite trigger. It does take any AR-15 or AR-10 trigger, mil-spec drop in as well as the grip. So if you have a favorite grip, you can do that as well. We do have plans for different handguards, things like that, and we’re also excited to kind of see what the rest of the market does with this as far as the aftermarket for those parts.

So it really allows the end-user, whether that’s a law enforcement officer, a military personnel, or just the everyday shooter, sport shooter, hunter, to really customize the rifle to what they need it to do and what ammo they have on hand. We have 762×39 coming down the pipe. We also have 8.6 Blackout, 6.5 Creedmoor, We’re looking into doing things like the 6 arcs, and some of those calibers are becoming really popular with our shooters, and allow them to have one rifle that can kind of to do everything.

For more information on this system, the PWS UXR Rifle, future caliber conversion kits, go to Primary Weapons Systems. And look for the PWS UXR on GunBroker.com to purchase this product.

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