What is the GunBroker.com Self Service Advertising platform?

The GunBroker.com Self-Service Advertising platform is a powerful resource which enables you to maximize sales of your listed items in just a few clicks. With this platform you can:

  • Increase your sales on GunBroker.com
  • Create an Ad in less than five minutes with full control over the Ad budget and reach.
  • Reach GunBroker.com’s six million unique monthly visitors with Ads for your listings.
  • Use GunBroker.com data to target only the most relevant buyers for your listings.
  • Create Ads and Promotions for your listed items 24/7, anytime, anywhere.
  • Generate powerful data and reporting on your Ads’ performance.
  • You only pay for the impressions generated from your Ads.

How do I book a Self-Service Ad?

The GunBroker.com Self-Service Advertising Platform guides you through four simple steps to create your first Campaign.

  1. Select Ad placement to determine where your Ad will be shown on GunBroker.com.
  2. Decide on your Ad budget, and set a start and end date for your campaign.
  3. Select targeting for the type of GunBroker.com buyers you wish to attract.
  4. Select listings to display and your Ad is ready to go.