Advice on using Self-Service advertising.

There as some best practices to consider when booking Self Service Advertising.

  • Consider your target audience: For example, is your product only suitable for people browsing a certain category of the website? If so, limit the audience to that category. However, be careful that you don’t go too narrow as your potential audience might be larger than you expected.
  • Timing is key: Always give your ad campaign enough time to fulfill the number of impressions you have booked. We suggest a minimum of a week. This is even more important for ad campaigns that have targeting criteria. Casting a narrower net means you will need to will give your advertising campaign more time to reach your target.
  • Keep it simple: People are realistically only going to spend a few seconds taking a look at your ad, so you need clear and descriptive item titles.
  • Show your price: Research shows that people are more likely to click on an ad that has a price.