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Henry Golden Boy Large Loop 22 LR 20" Octagon Barrel Lever Action - How to Become a Gunslinger
Henry Golden Boy Large Loop 22 LR 20″ Octagon Barrel Lever Action –

How to Become a Gunslinger

In the Wild West, gunslingers were known for their ability to quickdraw. From the quickdraw, accuracy matters. Whether you are going for an old-school version of a gunslinger setup for the range or want something more modern, you can browse’s user listings to find the perfect gun or accessories for you. You never know what might be available for sale or auction, from a Ruger Mini 30 to rare guns like a Singer 1911. Here are some gunslinger guns that you might find.

The Old School Ruger Vaquero

The classic cowboy gun is, essentially, the Colt Single Action Army, also called the Peacemaker. While SSAs are hard to find and expensive these days, there are a few modern reproductions, such as the Ruger Vaquero. SSAs tended to have problems with the hammer, making it unsafe to carry the gun with the hammer on a loaded chamber. The Vaquero and other modern reproductions have fixed this, meaning you can get the full six shots from a quick draw at the range.

Colt SAA 45 LC PEACEMAKER CENTENNIAL 1873 1973 2nd Gen Holster - How to Become a Gunslinger
Colt SAA 45 LC PEACEMAKER CENTENNIAL 1873 1973 2nd Gen Holster –

The Modernized Stacatto XC

The 1911 was introduced in the waning days of the Wild West but did not make it into many cowboy’s hands. Today, instead of the 1911 or the Peacemaker, there are competition handguns meant for quickly drawing, firing, reacquiring the target, and firing again. One such handgun is the Staccato XC. An upgraded and modernized version of the 1911, called the 2011, serves as the base of this competition-worthy handgun. Staccato, formerly STI guns, is one of the biggest names in competition handguns, known for guns that shoot incredibly flat.

STI Staccato XC 9mm – Item 956277084

The Iconic Henry Golden Boy

Lever-action rifles were common for cowboys, and one of the most famous is the Henry Model 1870. Notably used against General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn, it was also used during the Civil War. Today, the Henry Golden Boy is one of the most famous modern lever-action models. If you want to capture the feel of a cowboy lever-action rifle, go with the Henry Golden Boy.

Henry Golden Boy Texas Edition H004TX –

The Taran Tactical JW3 TTI MPX

While the 1860 Henry and the Winchester Model 1873 were the lever-actions of choice for cowboys, today’s gunslingers use semi-automatic rifles. However, if you want to go with a faster-shooting option, try the SIG MPX, a handgun that is patterned more like an AR 15 than a traditional handgun. Add on Taran Tactical upgrades for the JW3 TTI MPX, and you will have a competition-ready gun. The MPX with Taran Tactical upgrades was made famous in John Wick, by modern-day gunslinger and actor Keanu Reeves.


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