What Rifle Should I Buy? Choosing the Best for Your Purposes

Mossberg MVP Scout Range Rifle
Mossberg MVP Scout Range Rifle – Photo Courtesy of Mossberg

Buying a rifle is a major step and should be considered thoroughly. The choices can seem almost endless but with a little guidance you can make a purchase that serves your needs. In order to make the best choice you need to ask yourself just what the rifle is for. We break them into three general categories. They are home defense, hunting and general purpose. While any rifle can cross the line and be used in any of the categories, you should do your best to focus on what you need.

Home defense rifles tend to have shorter barrels and come with extensive mounting rails for lights and lasers. They are lightweight and are built with exceptional reliability as a focus.

Hunting rifles tend to have longer barrels and are many times chambered in larger calibers. The stocks are usually a bit longer and it is lightweight as well.

General purpose guns do their best to mix both worlds and are the most popular rifle on the market. They have an intermediate length barrel, adjustable stock and weigh a bit more than guns dedicated to hunting or defense. Price wise they tend to be the most affordable as well.

Take your time and consider your options. If possible test fire a few of the rifles and see which one really fits your needs. By being patient you will end up with a rifle that will serve your needs very well.