Steps to Improving Your Pistol Accuracy

Want to shoot tighter groups with your pistol? Look no farther, as this is a quick guide with simple steps to help you improve your pistol accuracy.

Improving Your Pistol Accuracy

This first step may seem so simple and obvious, but it’s very important. Aim for the same spot. A lot of people aim for the bullseye, take the first shot, and then aim for where that first shot landed. This just leads to your shots making a trail that leads further and further away from your goal. So, aim for the same spot each time. The next step is to gently press the trigger straight back with the middle of the first part of your index finger. By using this part of your finger, you minimize how much you move the gun when pulling the trigger.

Also, by being gentle and pulling the trigger straight back, you have more control over the gun and once again, the gun will move around less. Don’t yank the trigger back as fast as you can, it doesn’t help, it makes your groups bigger and less consistent. Next thing to do is to look at your stance. Make your stance a fighting stance. Feet slightly apart, one foot back the other forward, and comfortable. By making your stance more comfortable and bearable, shooting will be more comfortable as well, so you can take more time and concentration to place your shots.