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When you are looking for 1911 pistols for sale or auction on, you are bound to find plenty of user listings. The 1911 handgun remains one of the most popular firearm platforms more than a century after its introduction. No matter what price point you are looking at, there is likely a 1911 for you. Here are some of the options available on Check them out today.

1911 Pistols That You Can Find on For Any Budget

Rock Island Armory 1911

Rock Island Armory’s 1911 is often cited as one of the best bang-for-your-buck 1911s. Designed by Armscor, the RIA 1911 is manufactured in the Philippines to keep costs low. They consistently put lead down the range and do it with good accuracy. Tolerances may not be the same on other 1911s on this list, but if you are going for a budget-conscious option, an RIA 1911 is an excellent choice.

1911 pistol ARMSCOR-ROCK-ISLAND armory 1911-STD-FS-45AP-PB-8-G10_947216806

Taurus 1911

The Taurus 1911 is the start of the field of “upgraded” 1911s that are still budget-friendly. Hammer-forged and hand-fit, they are a step above “average” 1911s or beginner-level options like an RIA. You might even find better accuracy and upgrades, such as a skeletonized trigger. However, it will not have all the upgrades or precision fitting. With that said, a Taurus 1911 will still be worth the cost and a great gun for the range or concealed carry.

Taurus 1911 45 ACP 5″ 8+1 Semi Auto Stainless Steel 1191101DT 1911 Taurus

Remington R1 Enhanced | Features Key Upgrades

The Remington R1 Enhanced is another 1911 on the lower end of “intermediate” 1911s that comes with some key upgrades. The R1 Enhanced features a skeletonized trigger and hammer, adjustable fiber-optic sights, a beavertail with checkered bump memory, and more. This and the Taurus 1911 are hard to beat for the features they offer, and you are likely to find an option that fits your budget on However, the R1 Enhanced is out of production, thanks to Remington going bankrupt and being split into parts.

Remington R1 Enhanced 9mm 1911 Pistol

Staccato XC: These 1911 Pistols are a Competitor’s dream

STI guns are now under the Staccato name, and nearly all Staccato 1911s are on the higher end when it comes to quality. They shoot flat, are competition-ready, and are made for both competitors and the military. Staccato has updated the 1911 internals, calling it the 2011 as a more modern take on John Browning’s original design. The XC is a competitor’s dream with an integrated compensator and a best-in-class trigger.

STACCATO-XC-2011-1911-pistol_947467229 Staccato XC: These 1911 Pistols are a Competitor’s dream
Staccato XC: These 1911 Pistols are a Competitor’s dream

Wilson Combat CQB Tactical LE: High Quality 1911 pistols!

When you think quality 1911s, Wilson Combat likely comes to mind. Made with top-quality parts, Wilson’s Combat CQB Tactical LE is at the top of the heap with the Staccato line. It offers a crisp trigger pull, precision fit and finish, and is exactly what you would expect for making a good investment in a handgun.

Wilson Combat CQB Tactical LE 1911 Handgun - GunBRoker
Wilson Combat CQB Tactical LE 1911 Handgun

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