How to Prepare for Dove Season

How to Prepare for Dove Season -

5 Tips for Getting Ready for Dove Hunting Season

If you are getting ready to take part in dove hunting season, it is probably time to brush up on a few things. You will want to get out and practice on clay pigeons before you go hunting, and brushing up on your state’s laws before getting a license are essential. Here are some tips to help you get ready for dove season.

Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the best tips possible to prepare for dove season is to practice as much as you can before going hunting. Grab your Beretta A300 and head to the trap or skeet range, or an outdoor range where a buddy can throw clays. Use the same shotshells you intend on hunting with, so you can refamiliarize yourself with recoil, pattern, and the feel of the gun. In general, for doves, size 7 ½ and 8 are perfect for fast-moving birds such as mourning doves. Practice shooting both standing and sitting on a stool, as you might find yourself doing both out in the field. More practice means you will be better able to get doves, packing your cooler and hitting your limit. 

Know Your State’s Laws

Speaking of limits, it is crucial you know your state’s laws before you head out into the field. When, exactly, is the season? The first half of September? All of September? Is there a second season in December you can also prepare for? Are some doves protected? What are your daily and season limits? Make sure you brush up on the legal information you will need to know before hunting.

Get a Hunting License

Now that you know the laws, it is time to get your license. Besides a hunting license, you might also need a migratory bird license, as well. Not all doves are classified as such, but it is a good idea to get the license, just in case. 

Find a Field

One of the most important parts of dove hunting is finding the right field. You will need to put boots on the ground and explore. If you have your own land you will be hunting on, this is easy. The next easiest option is joining a hunting club that owns land. You will likely have to either request certain days, or it may be a lottery. Finally, you can knock on doors and ask farmers if they would be willing to let you hunt on their land. They may be willing as doves often eat the crops they grow, so you would be doing them a service. Remember to be polite, and do not be discouraged if you are turned down. 

Dove Hunter

Get Your Gear Cleaned and Ready

Finally, get all of your gear cleaned and ready. A clean Beretta A400 will shoot better than a dirty one. Clean it, lube it, and get your shotshells from a cool, dry storage location. Try on your hunting clothes to make sure they still fit. Finally, get ready to go hunting! 

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