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A Snake Gun in Texas is Essential

Venomous snakes can prove a threat in many parts of the U.S. The risk becomes more pronounced to those outdoors with children or other family members, dogs, or on horseback. Almost every state hosts at least one species of venomous snake, while Texas is home to no less than 15 venomous snake species or subspecies, which means that carrying a snake gun outdoors is vital. The best option for finding the perfect snake gun is the same one that works for finding any gun you need—head to one of the largest marketplaces of new and used guns for sale. Head to

Henry Lever Action 410 Gauge Shotgun

The Henry rifle is appropriately legendary for its accuracy, reliability, and ruggedness. Those same assets made the Henry Lever Action 410 Shotgun an unbeatable sidekick. With a 6+1 capacity, it is more than capable of handling any dangerous snakes you encounter on the trail. Check to browse Henry firearms being sold by other users.

Find the Perfect Snake Gun at Henry Brass Frame Lever Action .410 Shotgun
Henry Brass Frame Lever Action .410 Shotgun, Item 951709847

Taurus Judge – This wheelgun is a formidable Snake Gun

The Taurus Judge is one of the most innovative, recognizable, and popular wheelguns on the market. The Judge pistol is a 5-shot revolver that can fire both 410 gauge shotgun shells and the 45 Colt cartridge. That versatility has made it a favorite among many of the enthusiasts at who appreciate an effective, distinctive handgun. That same versatility also means the Judge pistol is a reliable trail gun. The availability of both the perfect snake load with 410 shells and 45 Colt cartridges to handle larger aggressive creatures in the wild renders the Taurus Judge a formidable snake gun as well as useful.

Taurus Judge 45 LC/410 Gauge 5RD Capacity 6.5″ Barrel, Item 949451541

Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV

If you are looking for something that packs the same punch as the Taurus Judge but are looking to conserve space, check for a Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV. The Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV is a 2-shot Derringer-style trail gun that, like the Taurus Judge, can fire both a 410 shell and a 45 Colt cartridge. The more modest size and weight, however, mean it is easier to carry with you. When it has got “Snake Slayer” in the name, you know it is a snake gun you can rely on.

Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV, item 941799549

Walther P22 – The 22 LR Snake Gun

A snake gun certainly does not have to be a shotgun or handgun chambered in 410. Since the snake encounters you have to worry about are necessarily going to be close range, the 22 LR is an effective option. For a pistol chambered in 22 LR with an unimpeachable track record, browse for a Walther P22. In addition to being lighter than the Henry 410, the Taurus Judge, or the Bond Arms Snake Slayer, the Walther P22 also has greater capacity than the others with 10+1.

Walther P 22 Q 3.42in 22 LR - Guns of Gunfest
Walther P22 pistol

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