The Best Shotguns for Waterfowl Hunting

4 of the Best Shotguns for Making Waterfowl Season Count

With waterfowl season on the horizon, countless hunters begin to plan, organize, and daydream. Decoys, calls, a good hide, and the other essentials of waterfowl hunting certainly all have their place. But undoubtedly, the essential tool of the season is the shotgun. With so many excellent examples of the fowling scattergun out there, sometimes hunters can experience a bit of choice paralysis. While there is not likely to be a perfect answer for anything, thankfully, the choice between a Beretta A300 and a classic Browning Superposed is a win-win. Picking any of the following shotguns should prove an excellent choice.

Beretta A300/A400

The Beretta A300 and A400 shotguns are gas-operated members of the same family, though not exactly siblings, and both are accurate and reliable choices. The Beretta A300 stands out for being tough and durable, while impressively light. Its Mobilchoke barrel and easy breakdown make it more attractive still. The Beretta A400 is another example of Beretta’s legendary legacy of quality and innovation. Its lightning-fast firing speed, brilliant follow-up, and advanced recoil reduction make it an excellent choice for both seasoned waterfowl veterans and newcomers.

Beretta A300 shotgun camo

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Best Shotguns for Waterfowl: Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

The Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 is an impressive combination of rock-solid and pleasant to fire. It is an incredibly rugged shotgun. Waterfowl season often involves some combination of water, mud, snow, and ice, meaning a fowling gun has to be tough. This Benelli is. In addition to that toughness, it is an ergonomically-optimized piece as well. And like the Beretta A400, the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 has incorporated recoil-reduction technology that softens that kick impressively.

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 shotgun

Remington 870

The Remington 870 is often considered to simply be the best pound-for-pound fowling shotgun ever created, but it can also be a love it or hate it gun. The Remington 870 is commonly written about, although many people seem to prefer more modern firearms. On the other hand, the availability and reliability of the Remington 870, coupled with the huge market for aftermarket parts, make it a favorite to this day.

remington_870_12_ga_best_shotguns_for_hunting waterfowl_gunbroker
Remington 870

Best Shotguns for Waterfowl: Browning Superposed

For those of you who are suckers for the classics, it does not get much more classic than the Browning Superposed. The Browning Superposed is one of the most elegant, beautiful shotguns ever designed; no small wonder, with the Browning name attached. It set the standard for classy over/under fowling pieces and deserves a place in any hunter’s collection to this day. For a less pretty but no less classic, reliable, and accurate Browning, the legendary Browning A5 is worth a gander as well.

Browning Superposed Pigeon Grade

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