GunBroker Rifle Gift Guide: Rifles that Get the Job Done

GunBroker Rifle Gift Guide: Rifles that Get the Job Done

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to get those lists ready. And there is no reason why something from Gunbroker’s Rifle Gift Guide can’t be on it.  

Hunting season may already be in full swing, but that doesn’t mean hunters wouldn’t like a new rifle. In fact, any shooter would love to pull a long gun from under the tree. It doesn’t matter if it is a magnum bolt action or a semi-auto plinker. Shooters like rifles because they are useful and fun. Rifles can be used to put meat on the table, teach youngsters responsibility and keep homes safe. And since not every rifle can perform every task, shooters need to own different rifles so that every task can be completed. To that end folks should take a look at the Rifle Gift Guide for ideas of what to give shooters this holiday season. Rifle Gift Guide: Big Game Rifles 

Hunters wanting to take down game from whitetails and larger need a rifle chambered in a large enough caliber to get the job done. Sure, bullet placement is the most important factor, but anyone can make a less than optimal shot, especially under pressure. Because of this most use a caliber large enough to provide a little bit of margin for error. Some of the most popular are .270 Win., .308 Win., .30-06 Sprg. And .300 Win. Mag. However, lighter calibers, such as 6.5 Creedmoor and .243 Win. work quite well for most big game hunting. To be effective, rifles simply need to be accurate.  

Tikka T3x

Combining craftsmanship, tradition and modern technology, Tikka provides the accuracy needed to hit the target; the company guarantees 1 MOA accuracy with all Tikka T3x models. In fact, Tikka has been producing quality rifles that shooters can afford since 1918. And that’s what many shooters don’t realize. With most models well under $1,000, Tikka rifles are actually quite affordable. They are also available in a variety of calibers, from 7mm Rem. Mag. and .300 Win. Mag. down to .243 Win. and .223 Rem. Even better, Tikka offers hundreds of variations to fit every need and desire, including left-hand models. So, whether starting a newbie in something he or she can handle or going after America’s largest, big-game animal, Tikka makes a T3x for the job.  

TIKKA-T3X-LT-VEIL-ALPINE-6.5CR-T3X-LITE-24-BBL-6.5-Creedmoor Holiday Gift Guide 5 Hunting Rifles to gift your favorite hunter

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Winchester XPR 

The name Winchester is synonymous with “winning the West,” however, the company produces a whole lot more than just lever actions. In fact, Winchester has long produced bolt-action rifles, including the much-avowed pre-64 Model 70. It’s most recent offering, though, is the Winchester XPR. For this rifle, Winchester incorporated a three-lug bolt, synthetic stock and an excellent trigger. It also come with a 60-degree throw, bolt unlock button and a nickel Teflon coating on the bolt. While this rifle might not be an artistic beauty like the Model 70, it produces extreme accuracy at a very reasonable price. And left-hand models are available.  

Winchester XPR Extreme Hunter TrueTimber Midnight 308 Win 22" Barrel - GunBroker
Winchester XPR Extreme Hunter TrueTimber Midnight 308 Win 22″ Barrel

Small Game Rifle Gift Guide 

Few things are more enjoyable than a squirrel hunt with friends and family. And while shotguns can be used, rifles make nice little small-game sporting arms. Whether using a fast-action semi auto or a super accurate bolt action, small-game hunting is a great way to get out in the woods to have some fun, while putting some meat in the pot. Even those who don’t hunt tree rats need a rifle in a smaller caliber; they’re the best guns for fun at the range.  

Ruger 10/22 

The most popular .22 LR rifle by far is the Ruger 10/22. This handy little semi-auto is light, reliable and dang accurate, whether using a scope or iron sights. In addition to attractive lines, the 10/22 features a cold hammer-forge barrel, positive cross-bolt manual safety, an extremely reliable 10-round rotary magazine and a combination scope base adaptor for mounting optics. It also comes with one of the best triggers available on a .22 semi auto. What’s more, Ruger makes a variety of models ranging from sporters to competition, as well as a takedown version for packing anywhere.  

Ruger 10/22 Magpul X-22 Backpacker Stock
Ruger 10/22

Savage Mark II FV-SR .22 LR 

While it’s nice to be able to conduct quick follow-up shots, there is something about bearing down for one-shot success with a nice bolt-action rifle like the Savage Mark II FV-SR. This rifle features button rifling, a fluted barrel, a black synthetic stock, detachable magazine and a one-piece scope rail. It also comes with a threaded barrel for interesting attachments and Savage’s adjustable AccuTrigger. The trigger alone makes this gun a great deal since it lists for less than $300. It’s smooth bolt and excellent accuracy just makes it even better.  

Savage Mark II FV-SR .22 LR
Savage Mark II FV-SR .22 LR Product Spotlight Videos

Plinking Rifle Gift Guide 

It is satisfying to get down on a rifle and make a nice shot. It is even more satisfying to set out cans, poppers and clay disks and plink them into oblivion. If fact, plinking is fun for all. Plinking targets harken back to days when shooting galleries were popular in major cities. It was fun then and it is fun now. For plinking, however, folks want a rifle that is light and easy to load. Most people plink with .22s, but any low recoil rifle works, including pistol caliber carbines.  

Henry Golden Boy 

Plinking is all about fun, and what’s more fun than shooting a rifle that brings out the cowboy in folks. The Henry Golden Boy is a beautiful walnut, brass and blued rifle that is just a joy to shoot. Everything about the Golden Boy screams “Old West,” from its Buckhorn sights to its octagon barrel, as well as the Brasslite on the receiver. However, Henry drills and taps the Golden Boy for mounting a scope, if a little more accuracy is desired. It comes in .22 LR, .22 Mag. and .17 HMR, but the .22 LR is by far the most popular.  

Henry Golden Boy H004 Henry Golden-Boy 20" 22lr - GunBroker
Henry Golden Boy H004 Henry Golden-Boy 20″ 22lr

Ruger PC Carbine  

A .22 rifle is great, but sometimes folks want to plink away with a little more power. This is where pistol caliber carbines, such as the Ruger PC Carbine, really shine. Chambered in 9mm, the PC Carbine is a takedown rifle that uses pistol magazines via interchangeable mag wells. It comes with a mag well designed to fit the Ruger SR and Security 9 pistols installed. However, Ruger also includes a mag well to fit most Glock magazines, however, purchasers can order a mag well for Ruger American magazines. Other features include a cold hammer-forged barrel, a dead blow action for reducing recoil and reversible controls.  

Ruger PC Carbine Takedown
Ruger PC Carbine Takedown

Home Defense Rifle Gift Guide 

There is an old joke where a lady asks a sheriff if he brought his handgun because he was expecting trouble. He replied, “No ma’am. If I was expecting trouble, I’d have brought my rifle.” That is pretty much the attitude many people have regarding self-defense. Why use a handgun when a rifle works much better. Of course, some don’t want to be going around corners in house with a long gun, so it might be time to consider a rifle that’s not really a long gun.  

Kel-Tec RDB  

It may look weird, with its magazine behind the trigger housing, but outside of America bullpup rifles, like the Kel-Tec RDB, are really popular. There are lots of reasons to consider them, but they really shine as home-defense guns because of their short profile. Bullpup rifles have standard-length barrels in shorter packages. This means the Kel-Tec RDB goes around corners much better than any AR-15. The RDB features an overall length of 27.3 inches, a reduction of around 12 inches. Other features include ambidextrous controls, downward shell ejection and an adjustable gas system. It also comes with one of the best triggers on a bullpup, and it accepts all standard AR-15 magazines. Lefties will love this gun. 


Kel-Tec RDB Defender 5.56, 16.10", 20+1, RDBDBLK - GunBroker
Kel-Tec RDB Defender 5.56, 16.10″, 20+1, RDBDBLK

Sig Sauer MPX K 

There is lots of reasons why pistol caliber carbines, like the Sig Sauer MPX K, are so popular. PCCs are light and powerful, and quite short, making them great for close quarters. A major benefit of the MPX K is that it incorporates a short-stroke gas piston instead of a direct blowblack system. This provides more reliable function during use. Other features include a Picatinny rail for mounting optics, a quick-swap handguard and ambidextrous controls. In fact, the controls are quite instinctive for anyone with AR experience. It also comes with a Timney Trigger designed specifically for the MPX K. All this makes this PCC as accurate as the shooter in all situations.  

Sig Sauer MPX-K 4.5" Sig-Sauer MPX 9mm Sig MPX
Sig Sauer MPX-K 9mm 4.5″

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