AMMO, Inc. Announces New Green Streak® Ammunition

Next-Gen Military, Law Enforcement and Commercial Ammo!

Improved accuracy * No-launch visibility * Does not generate heat * Shooter has trace visibility

The Streak™ is the next generation of visual ammunition ideal for military and law enforcement training and combat applications as well as the perfect ammo for commercial use. Streak Ammunition features one-way luminescent technology called “O.W.L. Technology™. AMMO, Inc. has offered this for a number of years in red and now it’s available in green.

Streak Visual Ammunition Green Streak and Red Streak
Streak Visual Ammunition Green Streak and Red Streak

Unlike its predecessors, this non-incendiary technology does not use any form of pyrotechnic to illuminate the trajectory of the projectile. Instead, it incorporates a patented non-toxic composite that utilizes the light emitted from the ignition of the gun powder to “flash charge” the rear of the projectile. As a result, the shooter has a visible trace as the round leaves the barrel of the gun. It is completely undetectable from the target’s viewpoint, masking the location of the firing position. Due to its non-incendiary design characteristics, the technology does not generate heat or lose mass in flight, which significantly improves accuracy and maintains consistent point of impact with other rounds. O.W.L. Technology™ via the Company’s Streak™ line of ammunition will be available on most lines of pistol ammunition manufactured by AMMO and is a safe and incredibly effective training tool to use on ranges and in environments where flammable tracers are prohibited. It may be effectively utilized in military and law enforcement training and combat applications.

Introducing Green Streak

“Building upon the great success we have had with our Red Streak™ ammunition in the marketplace, our team has worked to expand our patent on the cutting-edge application process we utilize to apply the patented product to the round, resulting in the grant 18 months ago of additional patented protection,” said Fred Wagenhals, AMMO’s Chairman & CEO. “At the same time, our engineering team has been working to develop the Green version of our O.W.L. Technology™ to offer the Streak™ rounds in that color variant because green is a top visibility color for the naked human eye. Based upon their hard work, we are excited to roll this color-enhanced product out to the commercial, military and law enforcement markets.”

Made in the USA, the Green Streak™ is currently in production in the new world-class state-of-the-art 185,000 sq. ft. Wisconsin facility AMMO opened July 18, 2022.