CanCon 2023: Ammo Inc. stelTH Ammo & Green Streak Ammo

We caught up with Dane at CanCon 2023 to give us a brief rundown of the stelTH Ammo from Ammo Inc.

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CanCon 2023: Ammo Inc. stelTH Ammo


CaliberRounds Per BoxApplicationMuzzle VelocityMuzzle Energy
.300 blk • 220 GR • TMC50Target1071 fps.560 ft. lbs.
.300 blk • 220 GR • EXPD20Target1071 fps.560 ft. lbs.
.45 Auto • 230 GR • TMC50Target757 fps.293 ft. lbs.
9mm • 165 GR • TMC50Target800 fps.234 ft. lbs.

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