What’s So Cool about Halo Ammunition? [Video]

The Unique Halo Ammunition Round Assists in Tight Groupings, Greater Penetration, and Increased Stopping Power

Perry Myers, Owner and Founder of Halo Ammunition, talks to GunBroker.com about the special features of Halo Ammunition and what makes it so unique and special.

The Halo round is very unique. You’ll notice that on the Halo rounds there are outer spheres or fins, designed to match the barrel twist once the projectile leaves the barrel. As the slug travels downrange, the air flow goes around and in between the individual spears or fins, creating a continuous twist of the projectile as it travels. This provides tight groupings and instead of having a 25-yard effective range, it basically doubles the effective range of a 9mm to 50-yards. Upon impact, the outer spears will shear off and the center spear keeps going resulting in greater penetration as well increased stopping power.

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