4 Calibers Perfect for Elk Season

Going Elk Hunting? Check out these 4 Great Calibers for Elk Hunting

Before any hunting season opens up, you must select the right tool for the job. Individual calibers offer distinct features and advantages which may or may not make each one ideal for your particular hunt. When choosing a caliber to take into the field, you should consider not just the size of the game but also your comfort level using the round and the likely range of your shot opportunities. Whether you know you want to use a 30 06 rifle or you have not settled on a favorite caliber, check out this list of four calibers fit for the task and learn why elk hunters like each of them.

The 270 WSM Is a Great First Game Rifle

The 270 Winchester has been around for nearly a century and gained immediate popularity upon its 1925 introduction as a top choice for big game hunting. Like its predecessor, the 270 Winchester Short Magnum shoots relatively flat but offers a performance edge that cannot be denied. The 270 WSM can be housed in shorter actions—a factor conducive to increased accuracy. To be sure, there is more recoil with the WSM, but it is manageable and justified by the energy increase. This caliber is a solid choice for hunting elk on the plains or in the mountains.

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A 30 06 Rifle Offers Dependable Capability

Renowned for its accuracy, the 30 06 can be used at long-range distances, and with high-quality optics like Redfield scopes, has hit targets 1,000 yards out, meaning it is more than capable of handling elk at less than half that distance. The 30 06 does not offer the wind resistance of some more modern calibers. Still, with the overwhelming majority of your shot opportunities coming within 300 yards, this versatile caliber is perfect for elk. Expect a 30 06 rifle to kick. A proper stance should enable you to handle the recoil, but you can use a stabilizer if necessary.

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There Is a Reason for the Reputation of the 7mm Rem Mag

The 7mm Rem Mag’s impressive ballistics have made it wildly popular among big game hunters in North America for over half a century. This caliber offers greater ranged performance than the 30 06 but comes with additional recoil and noise. A rifle chambered in 7mm Rem Mag would benefit from a muzzle brake. Depending on the cartridge, this caliber can be used for big game from pronghorn to moose. It has earned its reputation and is a top choice for elk season.

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More Performance (But More Recoil) with the 300 Win Mag for your best Elk Season

Released in 1963, the 300 Winchester Magnum has become a mainstay among dedicated elk hunters. Several would-be successors are on the market, but the 300 Win Mag remains the most highly regarded. It shoots flat, offers greater energy, and while the recoil is significant, it is manageable, making Browning rifles like the BAR a practical choice. The variety of factory cartridge choices makes the 300 Win Mag a versatile caliber, and factory ammunition is widely available.

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