Features of the Ruger SFAR (Small Frame Autoloading Rifle) [Video]

Ruger SFAR, in 16.1” and 20” models, are available on GunBroker.com

Matt Wilson with Ruger Firearms talks to the GunBroker.com team about the features of the Ruger SFARNew Ruger SFAR, their small frame autoloading rifle. The Ruger SFAR is an AR pattern rifle chambered in .308 Winchester and feeding from the 20-round Magpul® PMAG®. This is an AR15 size rifle; it feels and weighs and moves like an AR always does and can be fully upgraded with AR stocks, grips, charging handle, dust cover, even hand guards and muzzle brakes. But of course, it’s a 308, so 5/8 24” muzzle thread, 30 cal hole.

Features of the Ruger SFAR: The SFAR is available in 16.1” and 20” models, with a full Picatinny top handguard. Underneath the handguard is a regulated gas block with four positions: 0 is off, 1-2 and 3 covers suppressed fire, normal fire with higher, spicier fire through Winchester ammunition. Setting 3 gets us through break-in and works with a lower-powered 7.62 NATO ammunition.

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What Caliber Does a Ruger SFAR Shoot?

The New Ruger SFAR rifle shoots 7.62 NATO / 308 Win.

What Does Ruger SFAR Mean?

SFAR stands for Small Frame Autoloading Rifle, which remains smaller and lighter than other .308-sized rifles.

How Much is the Ruger SFAR rifle?

The MSRP of the Ruger SFAR rifle is $1,329. Browse GunBroker.com listings, fixed and auction prices, for the new Ruger SFAR.

Industry Choice Awards (ICA) 2023 named the RUGER SFAR “Rifle of the Year.”

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