Features of Langdon Tactical 1301 Tactical Mod 2 Shotgun [Video]

Bill with Langdon Tactical gives us the rundown on the features of the Langdon Tactical 1301 Tactical Mod 2!

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Bill Vitiello with Langdon Tactical. We’re out here at the Beretta Range Day. This is our LTT 1301 Mod 2. It comes with the Magpul stock with a GG&G adapter, the Magpul Zhukov forend with the GG&G adapters. We also have the option to add the Chrome Mount Optic mounts as well as a side saddle, which is not on this option. This is the Mod 2 which means you get the pro-lifter so the lifter is always in the up configuration. You also get the curb trigger. Which is a much better trigger interface. On the Langdon Tactical Model, we also do a trigger job which makes the trigger more consistent and smoother. To find the 1301 or other Langdon Tactical products go to GunBroker.com

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