Benelli M2 Field Shotgun | New Release for 2023 [Video]

George Thompson from Benelli talking about about Benelli M2 Series Shotguns. Anyone familiar with Benelli has certainly heard of the M2 before. It’s been a workhorse staple of our line for many years now, but we haven’t updated it since 2004. We’re happy to have completely refreshed the M2 product in our catalog. Now these are available in 12 and 20 gauge, different barrel lengths, different camo finishes such as OPTIFADE™ Timber, Mossy Oak Bottomland and Realtree Max-7, But what we did is we took a really hard look at the ergonomics of this gun and the lines on this gun and really focus in the pistol grip area to improve that reach to the trigger and on the forend to improve the grip particularly if you’re wearing gloves in really cold weather, functionally we added our ethos bolt system to this gun and a 2-piece shell latch which makes loading even easier than ever before.

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Benelli M2 Shotgun New for 2023 New Product Spotlight
Benelli M2 SField Shotgun New for 2023

Benelli M2 Field New Shotgun for 2023

Benelli’s M2 semiautomatic shotgun is legendary for rugged reliability you can count on in the most adverse of circumstances and conditions. The M2 Field shotgun is light, durable, fast-handling and the backbone of the Benelli semi-auto line. It cycles everything from target loads to the heaviest 3-inch magnums, and has earned a reputation for excellence in fields, blinds, and at shooting ranges around the world. 

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Available Models of the Benelli M2 Field Shotgun in the GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Timber featured in the video are 11166, 11167, 11179, 11180.

Standard Features of the Benelli M2 Field

  • Flush Crio® Chokes & Wrench
  • Crio® choke tubes C, IC, M, IM, F, and wrench.
  • ComforTech® Gel Recoil Pad and Comb Pad
  • Shim Kit
  • The stock drop and cast is user-adjustable. Changing shims using this included kit provides a customized sighting plane to fit your unique physical build and shooting style.
  • Standard Hard Case
  • Standard hard case to protect your firearm.

Optional Features:

  • Extended Crio® Chokes
  • Extended Crio® Chokes C, IC, M, IM, F Extended choke for pass shooting (IM), shooting waterfowl over decoys (IC), and for turkey hunting (XF).
  • ComforTech® Gel Recoil Pads
  • Three options to customize length of pull to 13 7/8″, 14 3/8″, or 14 3/4″.
  • Raised Comb Pads
  • Two options to customize sight plane for different shooting scenarios.

Benelli M2 Field Shotgun Model Specs 11166 / 11167 / 11179 / 11180

  • NEW FOR 2023: ITEM NUMBERS 11166 / 11167 / 11179 / 11180
  • GAUGE: 12-Gauge / 12-Gauge / 20-Gauge / 20-Gauge
  • BARREL LENGTH: 26″ / 28″ / 26″ / 28″ /
  • GRIP: Standard
  • SIZE: Standard
  • HAND-DOMINANCE: Right Handed
  • CHOKES: Crio® – IC, M, F
  • CHAMBERED FOR: 2-3/4″, 3″
  • MIN. RECOMMENDED LOAD: 3-dram, 1-1/8-oz. loads
  • SIGHT: Red-bar front
  • ACTION: Semi-auto
  • LENGTH OF PULL: 14-3/8″
  • DROP AT HEEL: 2-3/8″
  • DROP AT COMB: 1-3/8″
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 47.5″ / 49.5″ / 47.5″ / 49.5″ /
  • AVG. WEIGHT: 6.7 lbs / 6.8 lbs / 5.9 lbs / 6.0 lbs

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