4 Best Shotgun Sights

Gone are the days of being relegated to using an old school bead sight on our trusty shotguns. The same folks that make sights for our handguns and rifles are now offering options for our boom sticks as well. While there are now numerous options, let’s take a look at a few that are fast, reliable, and easy to use!

First up are Trak-Lock sights from Wilson Combat. This set includes a ghost ring style rear sight and an easy to see tritium front sight. The rear sight is a “peep hole” design that is very easy to use. Just align the front post in the center of the circle and you are ready to go. Ghost ring sights provide us a good balance of speed and accuracy.

For those looking for something a little more traditional, you should consider the TRUGLO Pro-series Magnum Gobble Dot sight. This is more like a traditional rifle sight and has bright front and rear dots which make sight acquisition a breeze!

For those that still like the single bead up front but want something more modern, I suggest the XS Sights Big Dot Tritium front sight. This is a much easier to acquire bright sight that allows excellent accuracy even in lower light settings.

The last option we will look at is what I consider to be a modern aiming solution for our classic shotguns. I suggest seriously considering a red dot style sight. Modern manufacturing allows them to be hearty enough to run on our shotguns and maintain their reliability. One I suggest is the Aimpoint T-2. This sight is capable of over four years of non-stop use battery wise and is very easy to use. The T-2 offers a variety of brightness settings which allow the individual shooter to adapt to the surrounding brightness. It is the fastest option out there when we talk about target acquisition because there is nothing to align. Just put the dot on the target and go to work.

These are just a few options. Do a little research and you can easily find the best sights to fit your specific needs.