2024 Lever-Action Rifles Can Fire All Week Long

By Paul Rackley, GunBroker.com Editor

2024 Lever-Action Rifles Can Fire All Week Long - GunBroker

Quite a few people would call 2024 the year of the lever-action rifle, as companies have introduced quite a few this year.

Back when lever-action rifles were introduced, shooters quickly realized their benefits. Even non-experts could lay down a withering amount of firepower if needed, while experts could, as the saying went, “load on Sunday and fire all week.”

Not only that, a lever-action, the Winchester 73, has long been considered the gun that won the West. That might be why these guns continue to thrive in American culture. Recent shows highlight lever-actions as still the preferred firearm of cowboys. And few doubt that hunters have taken more deer with them than any other firearm.

In fact, 2024 just might be the year of the lever-action with quite a few new offerings, including tactical models that provide space for attaching lights, lasers and optics. Many of these guns now even come with threaded barrels, allowing the use of suppressors, which provides a whole new element regarding varmint control, hunting and fun.

New for 2024 Lever-Action Rifles

Bond Arms LVRB

A couple of years ago, Bond Arms designers started playing with the idea of a rifle. They did it mostly for fun, but decided to bring it to SHOT and see what people thought. The response astounded the group, which headed home and started working in earnest. Then, for 2024, Bond Arms showcased the LVRB at SHOT Show 2024.

Now some might think so what. There are lots of lever guns on the market. For this one, however, Bond uses modern technology to revamp the entire platform. First, this rifle uses AR-15 magazines, which means it can fire up to 30 rounds as fast as a person can work the lever. To make this possible, the company designed a patent-pending cam system to create a short throw lever. Without this system, hands would slam into the magazine when cycling the lever. Other features include an ambidextrous magazine release, an out-of-battery safety, a manual crossbolt safety, a grip safety and a Magpul buttstock. In addition, this rifle comes with an AR-style handguard for attaching lights, laser and optics. And the barrel comes threaded with a cap. Bond hopes to have this rifle available for purchase sometime this summer.

Watch This Video to Learn More About the Bond Arms LVRB

Gordon displaying the Bond Arms LVRB at SHOT Show 2024

Henry Supreme Lever Action

The Henry name has been associated with lever-action rifles since the beginning. While the current company with this name isn’t the original, it is still known for building exceptional lever guns. For this year, Henry has created something different from past offerings by implementing tactical options and chamberings.

To start, Henry chambered its Supreme Lever Action in .223 Rem. and .300 Blackout. The company then added a threaded barrel for a suppressor. Then, it included an internal hammer and an adjustable trigger, making it much different from standard guns. The most interesting feature, however, is the shortened stroke, which allows this gun to use Pmags. This Henry might not slide into a saddle scabbard with ease, but it provides a whole lot of shooting in quick manner.

Watch This Video to Learn More About the Henry Supreme Lever Action


Marlin Classic Series 1894

Marlin is another classic name in lever-action rifles. However, the company almost disappeared before Ruger bought it and brought it back stronger than ever. For 2024, Marlin introduced a gun that harkens back to the original day with its Classic Series Model 1894.

This .44 Mag. features American black walnut stock and forend, along with a richly blued barrel and receiver.  It even comes with a hooded brass bead front sight and semi-buckhorn rear sight. Marlin makes these guns, however, with the latest CNC technology, meaning the tolerances are even better than the originals. Those looking for a classic-feeling lever-action to pass down should take a hard look at the 1894.

Marlin Classic Series 1894

Marlin Dark Series 1895

For those wanting something different, Marlin has introduced its Dark Series Model 1895. In fact, this rifle is the biggest leap from tradition that Marlin has ever made. This is a full-fledged tactical lever-action using rails, aluminum and polymer to seem as close to a modern sporting rifle as possible without actually being one.

The Marlin Dark Series comes with a Nylon-reinforced polymer stock and an anodized aluminum handguard, both of which include M-LOK slots for attaching accessories. The buttstock even has a cheek riser for use with optics. As far as sights, it comes standard with a fiber-optic with a tritium ring front and an adjustable ghost ring rear. However, its Picatinny top rail makes mounting optics easy. It even comes with a threaded barrel and a muzzle brake, which can be replaced with a suppressor. Currently, shooters can pick this rifle up in .45-70 Govt.

Marlin Dark Series 1895 - GunBroker.com
Marlin Dark Series 1895 – GunBroker.com

Rossi Rio Bravo Tactical

Rossi also brought out a tactical lever-action rifle. It just did it in a more shooter friendly chambering. The Rio Bravo Tactical is a .22 LR rifle with an ergonomic black polymer stock, along with a rear sling mount and forearm with accessory slots.

This handy little rifle also comes with a Picatinny rail a medium loop lever, threaded barrel and 10-round capacity. This rifle would make an excellent little plinker or varmint gun, especially with a suppressor attached.

Rossi Rio Bravo Tactical lever-action rifle

Rossi R95 45-70 Government

Rossi has also expanded its R95 lever action with a .45-70 chambering. With this rifle, Rossi blended kinetics and aesthetics to create a rifle that works in a variety of situations that require a caliber that bumps.

The R95 features a hardwood stock along with a blued hammer-forged barrel in three barrel lengths. Shooters can purchase this monster with 16.5-, 20- or 22-inch barrels that are drilled and tapped for mounting optics.

The Rossi R95 45-70 Govt. features a hammer-forged barrel and a hardwood walnut finish. Even better, Rossi threaded the barrel for attaching suppressors or muzzle brakes.


Smith & Wesson Model 1854

When Smith & Wesson decided to jump into the lever-action rifle market, the company did it well. The S&W Model 1854 is a really nice entry, especially for a company that hadn’t done a lever-action firearm in over 150 years.

Chambered in .44 Mag., the Model 1854 comes with a polymer grip and M-LOK synthetic forend with textured grip panels. It also has a 19.25-inch threaded barrel, gold bear front sight, XS Sights ghost ring rear sight, large loop operating lever and flat trigger design.

Those wanting a more traditional look also have an option. That’s because S&W also has a wood version that comes with all the previous features except for the stock and forend. This limited-edition rifle comes with a high-grade walnut stock with a satin finish. Everything else is the same. In fact, S&W partnered with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Safari Club International to auction a pair of limited-edition engraved guns for the organizations. This auction on Gunbroker.com provides No. 1 of 100 engraved Model 1854s, along with an engraved Model 29. There is not better pair of .44s.

Watch This Video to Learn More About the Smith & Wesson Model 1854

Smith & Wesson Model 1854

Uberti 1873 Hunter Rifles

Those interested in cowboy action shoots know the name of Uberti. This company has been building Old West firearms for quite a few years. And these replicas are very nice and really popular with single-action shooters. The company has now introduced an updated model for hunters.

The Uberti 1873 Hunter has all the looks of an Old West lever gun. It comes with a wood stock, blued barrel and a smooth action. However, it also comes with a Picatinny rail for mounting an optic. Shooters can pick this lever-action rifle up in either .44 Mag. or .45 Colt.

Uberti 1873 Hunter Rifles

Winchester Ranger

Over the past few years, companies have introduced rifles that can be taken apart for storage and transport. Well, the company that has long been synonymous with lever-actions brought a .22 LR version to the market.

The Winchester Ranger features an aluminum receiver, steel barrel and a dark black finish. It also comes with a walnut stock and forend, as well as adjustable sights, three-position hammer and adjustable trigger. The most interesting feature, however, is that it breaks apart for easy storage. Basically, it’s a traditional rifle with some nice upgrades.

Winchester Ranger

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