Sebastian Gorka Radio: It’s my favorite website. It should be your’s too.

Sebastian Gorka of America First Radio, speaks on Second Amendment Friday about his favorite website, which he dubs ‘the eBay of the gun world‘.

Sebastian Gorka:

Now it’s Friday which means it’s second-amendment Friday here in America  First.  Across the nation, more than 200  stations affiliates live streaming. thank you to the  two million plus listeners we have out  there who support the Constitution and  the Second Amendment and I’m so excited  about this.

I’ve been dreaming about this  since we launched the show more than a  year ago. I like something and it’s called I like it a lot. If there was a system for addicted people for I’d be a member of uses Anonymous.   

We have with us right now the Vice President of Marketing, who I met recently at the industry’s biggest show in Vegas SHOT Show.  Welcome to America First   


Hi Sebastian.  Thanks for having me. 


It’s an absolute pleasure for those who are not familiar with what I call the eBay of the gun world would you, or the Amazon if you will would you tell everybody out there who likes their guns whether they’re hunters sportsmen or whether they’re just collectors what is  

GunBroker: is the world’s largest digital marketplace to buy and sell firearms ammunition accessories outdoors and hunting gear you know everything done you can find it on 


And the delightful thing about it is you can literally find anything! I have a very eclectic interest in firearms, historic and modern, and the thing that does is it combines… you can Buy from retailers with new weapons … you can buy the latest  Sig off-the-shelf… or buy from private individuals, people who have something special.  My thing is weapons from the 1980s.  But everything is there on one site and every day I’m trekking it!  Tell us a little bit about the history. How did this start? I think you become a giant.  Your stand was a massive stand. You’re one of the sponsors of SHOT Show in in Vegas. Tell us about how it got started and where you are today. 

GunBroker: has been around for quite a number of years. We were founded in 1999 which, if you remember, was the rise of digital commerce. The problem was there were a lot of online retailers who would not transact on firearms purchases.  They just simply stopped doing it. So was founded to fill that gap and has become a world leader in the firearms marketplace.    


Now let me be clear for those who think, you know, because there would be people would have you believe you just go online, order a gun, and it gets shipped to your house.   

No, not how it works! You bid for a gun or you buy it on, then you have to send the seller your FFL, or a copy of your dealers Federal Firearms License, then it gets shipped as is required by federal law to your dealer and then all the background checks are done. This is how the system works and there’s a lot of fake news out there about it.      

You were there you were super super busy in Vegas as one of the biggest sponsors of the event. is a legend in the industry.  Tell us a little bit about what you’re excited about what what trends are you seeing in the industry.   We see  an industry that’s often hostage to politics. People get worried. There’s ammunition droughts when they worry about new legislation or certain type of weapons might be bad. Is the industry healthier than it’s ever been? What are you seeing coming around the corner? 


So I’ll say throughout last year, 2019, the industry was relatively soft. I think that was true among manufacturers, distributors and retailers. We’re starting to see an increase with all the all the talk about limiting your right to bear arms, limiting your right to be able to buy a gun and carry a gun and keep a gun, so we’re seeing we’re seeing a little bit of pickup now that that’s really in the media at this time.  


Is there anything because because we have a wide wide audience across the country and actually internationally. Is there any specific misconceptions about our industry or this activity of gun collecting shooting hunting what are the key misconceptions  that that you’ve come across that people have that you’d like to dispel as as a representative of one of the most successful companies in the industry? 


I think that you’ve really touched on probably the biggest misconception Buying a gun online isn’t like buying a pair of shoes on Amazon. Prime doesn’t show up two days on your doorstep with a firearm.  You have to ship through an FFL that  manages all the federal state and local compliance and we have a network of around 22,000 FFLs throughout the country to make it as convenient as possible for people to be able to legally transact on firearms.    For me that’s really the biggest misconception in the marketplace. 


What about the political landscape. Are you concerned about developments? We had one person drop out of the race who said “yes we’re coming out of your ar-15s”.    Can we be be assured that our rights are safe? What is your feeling?  Is the industry healthy, is it safe, or should should all of us, whether we’re sportsmen, plinkers, should we be engaged in Second Amendment activities? 


I believe being engaged in any constitutional right is healthy for an American. We should absolutely be answers are exercising our rights, all of them, that are guaranteed to us.   And yes, there are people who want to infringe on those rights and take rights away from us, but my thing is: so you don’t like the Second Amendment. Which other amendments don’t you like? What other amendments do you want to repeal? I mean where these lines stop? 


It’s a great question when you get rid of one of them, because you’re not a member of that group of people who is attached to that amendment or that civil right, well where does it end?  Is it the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment?  Very well put!  

It is my favorite website out there. I check it religiously before the show, after the show, and in between as well, maybe in the breaks.

Thank You for spending time with us here on America First on our Second Amendment Friday line.   Check out tonight.   

I’m Sebastian Gorka back with your calls here on America First.  This is the Salem radio network and the number is 833-33GORKA. We are live streaming on YouTube Facebook we post all 3 hours of the show to all our Instagram followers after the show airs. We are available on iTunes podcast just look for my name and of course our website .

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