Understanding The Value of Your Gun Collection and How To Win Auctions | No Lowballers Podcast Ep. 11

In this week’s No Lowballers Podcast by GoWild presented by GunBroker.com, we’re talking with our chief Lowballer, Dave Parris from GunBroker.com. Dave gives us the rundown on really cool items that he gets at an absolute steal on GunBroker.com.

Dave is an absolute expert on penny auctions and gives a ton of good tips for how you can find really cool, unique items for a solid deal. One of his biggest assets is the watch list feature, a super easy way to make sure you don’t miss out on your auctions ending for the items that you’re interested in.

Logan goes into how helpful it is to add alerts for items he’s interested in, so he knows when they get posted on GunBroker.com. A lot of things he’s into are super quirky or really rare items, so rather than checking every single day to see if something has been posted, the alerts are super helpful for letting him know. Allen talks about the sheer amount of items posted daily on GunBroker.com and let us just tell you it’s a lot! Can you guess what milestone was recently met for the amount of items posted on GunBroker.com?

He also talks about how you can use GunBroker.com for gauging your gun collection’s value either for insurance purposes or if you may be looking to sell some of your collection. Dave speaks on the easiest way to do this, create a watch list of all your items and that gives you a pretty solid rough estimate of what your collection may be worth!

We end the episode talking about an interesting item selling on GunBroker.com lately. What would that be? Commemorative guns! One of those is a set of Colt Snake Eyes from the late eighties that have sold multiple times recently and sold high! Once the first set sold, the market quickly caught on with an auction ending recently with a super low set, number 36! The show launches every Thursday morning. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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