Walther PPK & James Bond | No Lowballers Podcast Episode 22

In this week’s No Lowballers Podcast by GoWild presented by GunBroker.com, we’re talking with Cody from Walther, Dan Hood from GoWild, and Caleb from Commando Bond all about Walther and their connection to James Bond.

We open up with Caleb telling us about his new book he is curating that tells the entire history of James Bond. This book will be a one stop shop for all things Bond, covering history from the novels all the way through cinema. His book will feature interviews with Bond authors, conversations with the brand behind Bond’s tools, and have real world stories that are tied to the Bond firearms. Make sure to tune into this episode Sponsored by GunBroker.com to hear all about it and all about Bond’s history with the Walther PPK.

Next up Cody dives into Walther’s perspective of the PPK being the “James Bond Gun”. Obviously one of the most recognizable firearms in cinema history it makes Cody’s job in marketing a little bit easier for sure. He credits the success of the Bond franchise as one of the main reasons the PPK has had the shelf life longevity that it’s had so far. We also dive into other firearms that James Bond has carried through the years including some of the firearms associated with Bond in novels. During the 1980’s after an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Princess Anne when her bodyguard carried a PPK that unfortunately jammed, the Bond novels started seeing a mix of different firearms. We went through an FN 1910, a few HK models, and then on to the ASP 9MM for 15 novels. We speed up to the 1990’s with the first American, Raymond Benson, writing for the James Bond novels. In his eyes the PPK was always attached to Bond and within the first chapter of Benson’s first book the PPK was back in the hands of Bond where it belongs!

Closing out we talk the most recent bond films and how they incorporate the PPK into the scenes. Caleb tells us his absolute favorite scene possibly ever in a Bond film that incorporates the PPK in the most perfect way possible! If you’re interested in a Walther PPK yourself check out the many available options at GunBroker.com!

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