The Retro Resurgence: These Guns are Making a Comeback | No Lowballers Podcast Episode 3

In this week’s No Lowballers podcast by GoWild presented by, we’re talking about old favorite firearms that are making a big comeback. Find out why this is occurring and who the big players are in this space. We kick things off talking about revolvers. Find out why Allen loves the Kimber K6. He also talks about the Taurus T.O.R.O Revolvers, the world’s first-ever optic-ready revolvers! Henry also introduced a very unique revolver as well.

Lever-action rifles are also seeing a resurgence–find out what’s driving this momentum! Aside from levers in their classic form, there’s a growing market for tactical-style lever guns. Dan talks a bit about his affinity for these new-style weapons and mentions the Internet Movie Firearms Database. If you’ve ever wondered what firearm they’re using in your favorite flick, check it out! And believe it or not, there have been take-down lever guns in the past.

Why exactly are lever guns and revolvers making a comeback? Is it romance, social media memes, simplicity, personality, ammunition improvements, generational influences, market niches, modern technology, Hollywood, history, trends, throwbacks, magazine restrictions, or something else?? No matter what motivates you, there is certainly a little something for everyone in this niche market. Head to to start shopping around and find your flavor!

What about these new optic-ready revolvers and lever guns; is there a rising interest because the technology in optics has finally caught up? What influence have the advancements in ammunition quality, availability, and performance allowed these older armament types to make a big comeback? We asked Allen and Logan what they’d like to see along with what their predictions are.

We also touched on newer guns that are getting vintage aesthetics. Allen also lets us know a few rarities and oddities that closed on GunBroker in the last week … don’t miss his list!

The No Lowballers podcast is a brand new joint venture between GoWild and to explore the history and heritage of firearms. We hope to expose you to the vintage guns of the golden age along with newer, modern guns, specialty items, and a few other odd balls along the way. Jump in and come along for the ride!

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