Insane History of Han Solo’s Blaster & RoboCop’s Auto 9 | No Lowballers Podcast Episode 10

In this week’s No Lowballers Podcast by GoWild presented by, we’re talking all about imaginary pop culture firearms and what real guns they were built from.

We open up talking about RoboCop’s Auto 9 and how it’s a fictionalized build of a Beretta 93r, one of Allen’s absolute grail guns. Brad speaks on how the original plan for RoboCop’s firearm was to be a Desert Eagle and just how much that would’ve changed the entire tone of the movie. Do you think the Auto 9 was the right choice or would it have been better if RoboCop used a Desert Eagle?

Next up, Logan rolls us into the world of Star Wars and the amazing pop culture firearms that have come from the movies, but one sits atop them all…Han Solo’s Blaster. Talk about a movie icon, there’s not a much more recognizable movie firearm. Although not real, the DL-44 Blaster has an awesome backstory as an over the top firearm that was not standard issue. The DL-44 Blaster can actually be recreated in the real world with it being a modified Mauser C96.

We circle around to the recent sale price of the real Modified Mauser C96 used by Han Solo in the Star Wars films with an estimated sales price between $300,000-$500,000 can you guess what the actual sales price was?

Closing out Allen talks about the model 1917 revolver from the original Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, and what the average starting price for the auction is. Listen in to see where the auction starts!

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