Trending Auction: RARE Colt Python Snake Eyes Set 67 of 500!

Rare Cased Colt Python Snake Eyes Set #67 of 500 Ever Made – LIVE LISTING (ends 8/20/23!)

Limited production firearms are rare and often difficult to find. However, rare firearms continue to be desired, especially by collectors. Over the past year, Colt lovers have had several opportunities to purchase two of the rarest Pythons. Colt Python Snake Eyes sets have recently sold for prices ranging between $29,000 and $55,000, due to the limited availability of this second most rare Colt Python.

Colt introduced the Python Snake Eyes in 1989, producing only 500 sets (1,000 revolvers). These 2 1/2-inch barreled revolvers — one with a Royal Blue finish and the other in Ultimate Brite stainless — are the only model to not include the name “Python” in the markings. The revolvers featured faux ivory grips, with scrimshaw engraving Snake Eye dice on one side and a Royal Flush on the other. They also came with a checkered hammer and serrated trigger for added purchase, and ramped front sights with orange plastic insert and white-outlined square-notch rear sights for fast target acquisition, along with the legendary action of the Colt Python.

They are also the only Python model to feature the serial number on the butt of the frame, rather than the crane and crane cut. The serial numbers are matched to each set using a format of EYES067 for one and 067EYES for the mate. Each set originally came with wooden presentation case, two set of Colt-branded playing cards and poker chips.

The current offering — No. 67 of 500 — comes in 98 percent condition, with all the original boxes, playing cards and poker chips. However, the auction ends quite soon.

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