The 5 Best Rifle Slings to Upgrade Your Hunting Rifle

Winchester 70 Rifle .270 Win with RealTree nylon sling

Need a New Rifle Sling? Check Out These 5 Options

Ask five hunters, “What’s the most important part of your rifle?” You’ll likely get five different answers. Some would say the trigger; others would point to their scope or action. But the key to having your rifle ready when the time comes, the part of your rifle you’ll touch the most, is the sling. A suitable sling will allow you to comfortably carry your rifle on long hunts and improve your stability when aiming. It’s important to take some time to consider which sling is suitable for you. Check out these five proven options when you’re ready to upgrade your hunting rifle.

Quake Claw Sling System

A rifle sling that pulls and tugs at your shoulder can make for a miserable trek. Thanks to a superior non-slip pad molded into its webbing, the Quake Claw Sling System offers roughly a half inch of stretch. This distributes your rifle’s weight across your shoulder for greater comfort. This sling helps keep your rifle in place with unique gripping action. It’s also manufactured to withstand harsh conditions, so it can keep up with you on any hunt without fading or cracking.

Nohma Leather BF500 Buffalo Leather Padded Sling

If you grew up hunting, odds are you remember the leather sling that your dad or grandfather used to carry his rifle. The Nohma Buffalo Leather Padded Rifle Sling offers that same classic look, with contemporary upgrades to provide the comfort modern hunters need for long journeys through the backcountry. This Amish-made sling is handcrafted from genuine, premium grade bison hide with a suede back and gorgeous brown accent stitching. It’s a great option to complement classic Browning rifles or other timeless firearms.

Ten Point Gear 550 Paracord Sling

This handmade two-point sling is a fantastic choice for a versatile sling from an American company. Made from 550 paracord, this sling is available in several colors and is adjustable from 36 to 47 inches. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and looks great on various firearms. A paracord sling is a good choice for outfitters or hunters who routinely traverse rough terrain or venture into wilderness areas. Paracord can be extremely useful in survival situations, and because it’s nylon, it can withstand the elements.

Allen Company Gear Fit Pursuit Hypa-Light Rifle Sling

This versatile sling does more than carry your rifle. It also features add-ons like D-rings and a small neoprene pocket to let you carry hunting accessories like grunt calls or lens cleaner. A non-slip texture backing will help keep your rifle stable, and the swivels on this sling were tested to over 500 pounds, so you can trust it with even your most prized 30 06 rifle or other firearms.

AmmoGarand Green Web Sling

For a true throwback that veterans will appreciate, the AmmoGarand Green Web Sling is a perfect two-point addition to any hunting rifle. It’s designed as an accurate copy of the original USGI Web Sling used by the US military from WWII through the Vietnam era. These slings are made in the USA and feature Parkerized steel hardware, just like the originals. If you’re shopping used guns for sale online and need a solid, basic sling to get started for your new used rifle, the AmmoGarand sling is a sharp-looking, smart choice.

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