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Running a successful firearms business can be challenging. Isn’t it time you put an end to the days of sitting on valuable, unsold merchandise? can help you turn that inventory into cash by listing it online safely and securely. helps you showcase your inventory to an ever-growing customer base on our easy-to-use website.

It’s simple. Take photos of your items, include a written description, hit submit, and you’re off to the races.

Now that your items are listed, they’ll be available to millions of qualified buyers all across the country.

The buyer will find your item, purchase it, and will select a FFL Transfer agent, also called a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. You will ship the gun to this FFL.

When your item is purchased, you’ll receive  Notification of the sale via email and on the selling dashboard. Confirm that the Payment and FFL is received, and off to shipping we go. 

Once the item arrives at the FFL, the transfer dealer will handle all of the federal, state and local required paperwork and process the background check, safely and responsibly.

As a transfer dealer, this transaction is the perfect opportunity to offer additional services like training courses or practice time on the range to help build a lasting relationship with the customer.

Whether your customers are in your community, or across the country, you can now meet their needs by making a part of your sales team. So stop limiting yourself to only local foot traffic and turn your valuable inventory into cash today.

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