New: Tippmann Ordnance .22LR Gatling Gun [Video]

Check out the New Tippmann Ordnance .22LR Gatling Gun – Available for 2023

Brett Tippman with Tippman Ordnance showing the brand new 22 caliber belt fed Gatling, expected to start shipping in April of 23. This Gatling Gun as 6, 8-inch barrels that operate off of a crank, the 22 caliber bullets clip into the belt they just pop in and out really easy, you load your belt, your belts link together can hold 500 rounds, you can get a thousand round belt if you’d like. Loading the Tippmann Ordnance .22LR Gatling Gun is simple, you just line it up in the groove, shut the lid and then just start cranking. The story behind the Tippman Gatling Gun is, one day I was sitting in a meeting with my dad, and he says I want to build a gatling gun. My job for Tippman Ordnance is to take the products to market. I said, alright, I said, “let’s build one and see how it does this SHOT Show,” this was back in 2018. The Gatlin Gun did well at SHOT Show so, we started making Gatlin Guns. As soon as I saw the Gatlin Gun on the rubber wheels, I knew dad was on to something special and I was excited to start making gatling guns, once I saw the prototype. We’ve been making gatling guns ever since we sell about 600 to 700 a year through and other various companies and it’s just been a fun project for us and we’re planning on growing the brand.

Tippmann Ordnance .22LR Gatling Gun Coming Soon to

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