New: Anderson Manufacturing Cerbat Bolt Action Rifle [Video]

New: Anderson Manufacturing Cerbat Bolt Action Rifle [Video]

Brett Gillan with talking with Truman Brough of Anderson Manufacturing. There are a lot of new and exciting things happening at Anderson right now. Anderson is best known for their AR platforms but have recently gotten into the Kiger semi-automatic pistols and are now introducing a new rifle. Anderson’s newest entry is the bolt gun, the Cerbat. There is no delivery firm date yet and it’s going to be soon starting with the barreled actions. We have a R700 style action using TriggerTech triggers, Savage style thread-in barrel, integrated recoil lug, just everything you’d want in a PRS style bolt gun. Initially the Cerbat Bolt Action Rifle will be offered in 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor expanding that quickly and within the year also look at magnum calibers. The Cerbat Bolt Action Rifle is particularly set up towards hunters, but we also have different options for PRS long range, just depending on the stock, that’s why we are offering it with just the barreled action for those who have a preference on furniture, etc. to widen up options for the end user.

Anderson Manufacturing Cerbat Bolt Action Rifle, Coming Soon to

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