Highlights Of The Browning X-Bolt [Video]

Highlights of the Browning X-Bolt, a very diverse rifle with a lot of upscale features.

Aaron Cummins, rifle product manager for Browning, sharing the Highlights of the Browning X-Bolt family of rifles. The X Bolt is a modern rifle with a 60-degree bolt throw with the three-lug action and a rotary magazine that feeds from the center. The X-Bolt is free-floated by bedding the front and rear of the action for stability and to help maintain barrel to stock spacing for consistent accuracy. A recessed muzzle crown helps protect the rifling from damage. The X Bolt has a three-lever Feather Trigger that provides a clean, crisp pull with no take-up or creep and minimal overtravel.

The X Bolt family is very diverse and has a lot of upscale features that are available. The Speed Model has an OVIX Camouflage and a Smoke Bronze Cerakote on all the metal work, it is fluted and comes with a muzzle brake and thread protector. The Pro Line has a carbon fiber stock with an elite Cerakote, skip fluting and the Recoil Hawg muzzle brake. The Mountain Pro has stainless steel underneath the Cerakote, great for corrosion resistance especially if you have to hunt in inclement weather, it is the ultimate mountain rifle. Other features include Mcmillan stocks, a recently introduced line of X Bolt target rifles with a stiffer action, a new trigger, adjustable down to 2lbs,. and other features for competition rifles.

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How Much is the Browning X-Bolt?

The MSRP on the Browning X-Bolt ranges from $859.99 – $4129.99.

Browning X-Bolt Hunter - GunBroker.com

Browning X-Bolt Features: 

  • Free-floated barrel that is bedded in the front and the rear of the action for stability and to help maintain barrel-to-stock spacing for consistent accuracy.
  • Bolt unlock button works in conjunction with the top-tang safety to provide an added measure of safety during checking and unloading of the chamber.
  • Short 60° bolt lift is fast cycling and allows you to work the bolt quickly 
  • Detachable rotary magazine
  • Three-lever Feather Trigger
  • X-Lock scope mount features a four screw per base
  • Inflex Recoil Pad
Browning X-Bolt Pro - GunBroker.com

Browning X-Bolt Pro Features: 

  • Carbon fiber stock offers excellent stability
  • Cerakote finish provides additional protection to the stock
  • Carbon Gray Cerakote offers superior protection over traditional bluing
  • Lightweight sporter contour, skip fluted barrel
  • Sporter Recoil Hawg muzzle brake reduces recoil up to 76% (thread protector included)
  • Spiral fluted bolt with rust-resistant Carbon Gray Cerakote finish
  • Picatinny accessory rail on stock included

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