Looking for the Best Rifle to Buy? Four All-Purpose Firearms You Should Know About

KelTec SUB2000™ Folding Pistol Caliber Carbine

Overwhelming is the best word to use in the firearms industry at times. Trying to figure out just what you need and or want can be a challenging event. There seems to be a vast number of task specific guns that sometimes it’s tough to find just a good general purpose rifle. Well today we will address that and lay out a few of the best general purpose rifles available.

These guns will cover a variety of calibers and designs. The only underlying idea I will use is that they can be used in a variety of applications. From simple target shooting to even hunting, they are true general purpose guns. First up is the well known and loved Ruger 10-22. This little .22LR blaster can be found in the gun safe of pretty much every serious gun owner in the country. It is lightweight, easy to run and is chambered in .22LR which is now very abundant and inexpensive. 

Next up we have the M&P 15 Sport. This is an AR15 style rifle chambered in .223. The rifle is very affordable and has proven itself to be very reliable. From recreational target practice to hunting this rifle is a winner across the board.

Our next blaster is the KelTec SUB-2000. This gun offers the best of both worlds. It is a pistol caliber weapon with the ballistic advantage and accuracy at distance that comes from the 16″ barrel. A longer barrel length gives us better velocity which translates to power downrange. We get more out of our pistol ammunition. 

The last one today is the Chiappa M6 folding shotgun/rifle. You read that right, this is both a shotgun and a rifle. Chambered in both 12 gauge as well as 22LR this is the king of diverse weapons! Priced right and fun to shoot it has been a staple in preppers’ kits forever.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a little time to do some research and you will find an entire universe of solid multi-application rifles to choose from!